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Open Thread: Sweet Little Old Samurai Senior Edition

When it comes to motivational training, some people turn to cutesy little posters, games of office-funded paintball or outdoor challenge experiences to help people get in touch, in tune, focused and motivated to perform.

The Italian military in Livorno has its own unique method: it trains soldiers in martial arts by pitting them against 77 year old Keiko Wakabayshi, who kicks their collective ass daily.

According to an article in The UK Telegraph Online by Nick Allen (last updated: 7:42PM BST 23/06/2008), the "Samurai Granny" is a master of "an array of martial arts disciplines including jujitsu, jojitso, kenjitso, judo, kendo and karate."

It remains to be seen if Miss Wakabayshi would be willing to come to the US to train other senior citizens who would like to speak to Congress and with our Executive Branch about prescription drugs, healthcare, Social Security and Medicaid. Somehow, I'd find it hard to believe that either Congress or our CiC would want to stand toe-to-toe with with her or any senior who she may have potentiall trained.

We might get a lot more work done that way.

This is an Open Thread.