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Shooting News

Charles Layton/AJR: The Video Explosion

"December/January preview» News organizations are embracing video on their Web sites in a big way. The quality ranges from bad to basic to superb. And for some journalists, the advent of video is a terrific new career opportunity."

"We can say with certainty, however, that many of the papers that are going for video are going for it all-out. "We consider our newsroom pretty much a multimedia newsroom," says Jonathan Utz, multimedia visual director at the Naples Daily News, a 57,000-circulation, E.W. Scripps-owned daily in Florida. "We expect our reporters to soon be making video and collecting sound and even in some cases shooting still photos."

Definitely worth the read. From the October/November American Journalism Review, Via (where else?) Romensko.

'Coming Home: Soldiers and Drugs' - More Deja-Vu

THIS COUNTRY, that likes to think of itself as Numeral Uno on the World Stage, in Everything, Is Filled With A Society That's Concerned For The Individual Only, and while condemning others, Never Learns The Lessons It Experiances or Witnesses!!

We've gone through All This Before, a War of Choice {of the arrogant few, with the Country falling in lockstep behind them} and All that evolves from!

The Holocaust is Real

It is estimated that the Bush Administration is responsible for the death's of over a million innocent Iraqi civilians. This is a "statistic" that is all too often overlooked in coverage of this abominable war. There are so many reasons to get American troops out of Iraq but this genocide ranks high on the list

Krauthammer Versus Clausewitz

"Policy is the guiding intelligence and war only the instrument, not vice versa."

-- Carl von Clausewitz

There ought to be a law of American journalism that says pundits who write and talk about war should have at least a passing familiarity with the work of 19th century Prussian general and philosopher Carl von Clausewitz.

Update on ePluribus Media 2.0 and the Site(s) Migration

Just wanted to give everybody a little update on the site migration (which is going very well!) and thank everybody for helping test the new sites and for all of the feedback they have given.  It is much appreciated ...

If you encounter any broken links, glitches or other problems please email us at: administrator@epluribusmedia.net ...

Here is where we are now:

Tuesday: Shell Games

Ruth Simon/WSJ: Rising Rates to Worsen Subprime Mess
". . . the chairman of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., Sheila Bair . . . has proposed that mortgage companies freeze the interest rates on some two million mortgages at the rate before the reset to help borrowers avoid trouble. "Keep it at the starter rate," Ms. Bair said at conference last month. "Convert it into a fixed rate. Make it permanent. And get on with it."

I like her style - and her common sense: live with an average coupla percent loss, or hold on to that sack of lead and drown with the rest of the bottom-feeders.

Two New Twists On Domestic Violence

A chance encounter at a military checkpoint by soldiers trained to note anything suspicious resulted in the capture and arrest of Haider al-Bahadli and Abbas al-Dobbi in the Taji area, 20 kilometers north of Baghdad. (Story by Mohammed Tawfeeq, CNN, on Monday, 26 November 2007.)

The two men were disguised as the bride and groom in a faux wedding party convoy.

Nick Benton's Corner: We Are All Immigrants

This is a follow up to Nick Bentont's last editorial. Like me and many other American's his grandparents were immigrants. I found this a very moving editorial about values that he and I share. In the final analysis there are no "native Americans." Even the "first Americans" came here from Asia a long while ago.

Covering the States

PLAN: Restoration Economies Uncover Gold & Green
"Restoration activities and projects are typically divided into two sectors: restoration of the natural environment, . . . and restoration of the built environment. . . Restoring and rehabilitating communities and natural environments is estimated to be a $1.5-$2 trillion a year global investment opportunity." [Much more on site. Resources alone make the trip worthwhile.]
[Image: PLAN Logo]

Monday: Reporting Iraq; Clouting for Peace; Lott's Choice

Mohammed al Dulaimy+Leila Fadel/McClatchy: 11 dead in Baghdad mass slaying of journalist's family
" BAGHDAD — Gunmen in Baghdad's Shaab neighborhood stormed into a house not far from an Iraqi police checkpoint and killed 11 members of an Iraqi journalist's family, witnesses and journalism organizations reported Monday. .. . . . family members confirmed that the killings took place on Sunday in a neighborhood controlled by the Mahdi Army militia. The militia is loyal to radical Shiite Muslim cleric Muqtada al Sadr."

It comes down to the CPA's decision to give that dipshit a walk three years ago, hours before he was to be arrested for murder. So we're forced to ask: what's the difference between Bremer and a post? A post is useful.
:: :: ::

Amy Teibel/AP: Bush lends clout to Mideast peace talks (26 Nov '07)"I remain personally committed to implementing my vision of two democratic states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security," Bush said Sunday . . . "

MSNBC: Sen. Trentt Lott to resign
". . . the general speculation is that a quick departure immunizes Lott against tougher restrictions in a new lobbying law that takes effect at the end of the year. . . [that] would require Senators to wait two-years before entering the lucrative world of lobbying Congress."

[Image @ 1fast400]

Pressure for Results

Those of us who served in 'Nam, or really any insurgent conflict, and anybody else who were paying attention understand the Government Propaganda used to make things look rosier than the reality on the ground.

One of the most blatant is "The Body Count". Used to show success, in 'enemy kills', and used to show success in the citizens feelings security because of actions by an occupying force or a puppet government.

Real Honesty is not a popular tool of propaganda!

Sunday: Remittance

Susan Ferris/sacbee: Foreign workers worldwide send billions home
"Every month, in its own modest way, an unassuming Sacramento shop called Punjab International takes part in a global enterprise that, according to the findings of a new report, moves hundreds of billions of dollars around the world. .. . . .according to the United Nations study released in October, "Sending Money Home: Worldwide Remittances to Developing Countries." [Note: link not in original.]

Fascinating how the human one-to-one network operates over global distances, nearly invisible except to the participants, and of course the "money changers", who operate the unidirectional toll gates where percentages are collected in all directions. 'Course now that the numbers have risen to "real money", larger players are stepping into the S.W.I.F.T.-ly moving stream.

Then again, by the time those larger pyramid structures implement a plan, smaller horizontal networks like KIVA might already be there. That'd be a good thing.

[Image @ SWIFT]

The Giving of Thanks (a "Little Woo" Tale)

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Some of you know my husband GreyHawk, he of "The Woo Tales", his chronicle of Missy the Malamute and my mother. However, the tales, in my opinion, seem to neglect Ember, aka "Little Woo".  She's not really a woo dog. She's part shepherd, part border collie. And maybe part something else. Or not.  We've never been sure, to tell you the truth. But she definitely does have some shepherd in her. 

Right now I'm in a weekly writing contest at another site. Every week we receive a prompt, we all submit our entries, and we all vote on those we liked best. This week's topic is "The Giving Of Thanks".  Ember couldn't help but respond to it:

Join Us Leading Up To Dec. 8th

Starting on this Thanksgiving Day 2007!

It's long past time for Us Adults to Finally become the Responsible Beings we are supposed to be, for the Coming Generations on a whole host of issues!

We aren't here for Our Personal Benefit, Wealth, or Power, we're here to build better Futures for those who follow, that's our Main Responsibility and Always Has Been!

But I'll let Pete Seeger, and the children {always more adult than us} introduce us to one Extremely Important Issue and Coming Event!

Pete Seeger on December 8th