Good-hearted Fun, With A Sinister(-esque) Google, By The Vacationeers

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  • Posted on: 29 March 2011
  • By: GreyHawk

If you like a good mental twist on reality, you should check out The Vacationeers on YouTube. They've got a lot of good stuff, including a semi-sinister take on how Google's manifestation into almost every aspect of life could become - well, if not the stuff of nightmares, then the stuff of the Twilight Zone. Or maybe the Outer Limits.

Hat-tip NathanNewman of Daily Kos, whose diary You're Not Google's Customer -- You're the Product brings another, different perspective to the pervasiveness of Google.

Part 1, "The Googling" - Google Maps

Part 2, "The Googling" - Google Moon


Continued after the jump. Three more videos embedded...



Part 3, "The Googling" - Google My Maps

Part 4, "The Googling" - Google SMS

Part 5, "The Googling" - Google Mobile

...and there appear to be more.  :)