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Just Ask Americas National Media words Mean Nothing

Murray Supporters Threatened By Man Brandishing A Meat Cleaver And A Knife

According to KOMO TV. in Seattle.

Spokane Police have arrested a man waving a meat cleaver at Sen. Patty Murray's supporters before her debate with Dino Rossi.
Officer Jennifer DuRuwe says 50-year-old Johnny J. Sieler was holding a knive and yelling profanities while he drove past a group of Murray supporters just before 5 p.m.

Those on the Right always say words don't matter yet throughout the last 100 years words have meant a lot. How else could these events have occurred: The Holocaust, The Great leap Forward, The Killing Fields of Cambodia, Jim Jones in South America, Rwanda, The former Yugoslavia and so many other places in the world. Without the words to incite these Crimes Against Humanity would have never taken place. But, words don't matter.