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Larson: "We have the votes now" for Healthcare Reform

[update] mcjoan at dKos: "House Health Insurance Reform Debate Starts" Me: Buckle up because this could still be a bumpy ride. [Update 2 and from BooMan Tribune]: "The Roll Call on the Rule is a proxy for for the final vote. It passed 224-206, with 28 Democrats losing out on a chance to be seen in a good light by history."

Via Politico:

Rep. John Larson (D-Conn.) said Sunday would be an historic day, and said: “We have the votes now, as we speak.”

MSNBC provides a preview of the day's events and will go live on this at about 6 P.M. if their tweets are to be believed.

A Sunday health care viewer's guide
What you need to know about the House vote, and the fight ahead

Via Adam Blomeke's "Live Blog Mothership" on the Healthcare vote at dKos below the fold are some links to follow including CSPAN which is giving Gavel to Gavel coverage...

CSPAN Live Debate Links:




CSPAN Video Library of the Rules Committee Meetings last night:


There was a boatload of baloney in these meetings.  I just watched the last session, which was all of the votes to grant waivers on bogus Republican Amendments  You can read them all here.