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The New Meaning of 'Self-Sacrifice'

From Ashley Todd's self-inflicted backwards "B" to Beth Storro's self-inflicted acid attack, we have the beginning of a new "ABCs of Self-Sacrifice" for Jesus, for God and country.

All we need now to complete the set is some idiot with a name starting with "C" who claims to have dabbled in witchcraft and clearly can't tell the different between between witchcraft (which, in modern usage as a religion, generally refers to neopaganism) and satanism...

Oh, wait -- nevermind. It's a good thing Christine O'Donnell is such a strong spokeperson for the Tea Party and "values movement." She can quickly rise up through the ranks of Tea Party apostate and become a co-chair of Fantasyland with Sarah Palin, who has ~also~ dabbbled in "witchcraft" -- African witchcraft, in fact -- as part of her holy "Christian" background.

I'm sure America and the world would just love to see what kind of damage restoration these two wackos -- and all their friends -- have in store for us.


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If nothing else, these wild and woolly wackos should be waking us up to the dangers represented by people who grab their beliefs from the air.

Or from their own ego needs.

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Crossposted this to DailyKos, too.

It's available here.

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