Tuesday Evening Open Thread: Robotics Alliance, NASA Edition

Ever heard of the Robotics Alliance Project? If so, you're aware of their mission:

To create a human, technical, and programmatic resource of robotics capabilities to enable the implementation of future robotic space exploration missions.

That sounds like a pretty cool mission to me. It's even more impressive when you check out their goals and some of their alliances.

Here's their goals, as stated on the website, for your perusal:

Robotics Alliance Project Goals

The NASA Robotics Alliance Project focuses on four multi-year goals:
RAP-I: Enroll American support for the advancement of Robotics Technologies required for Extraterrestrial Exploration. Outcome #3 of NASA's Education Framework. See Milestone Objectives RAP-I-73 and RAP-I-75.
RAP-II: Inspire American high school students to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Robotics Engineering. Outcome #2 of NASA's Education Framework. See Milestone Objectives RAP-II-71 and RAP-II-74.
RAP-III: Motivate American BSRE undergraduates and graduates to pursue M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in robotics. Outcome #1 of NASA's Education Framework. See Milestone Objectives RAP-III-72 and RAP-III-76 and RAP-III-77.
RAP-IV: Engage BSRE, MSRE and PhDRE students prior to graduation.

I love tinkering with robots. The potential for extending our reach and understanding of the world, and worlds, around us increases phenomenally when we apply our ingenuity and technology - robotics are just one example.

It's a field that touches many other areas of technology, and even occasionally takes us on brief forays into the Uncanny valley.

Have you ever experimented with anything robotic? (Have you ever been experimented on robotically?) Tell us more about it in the comments below, and remember: This is an Open Thread.