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Fight some irrational propaganda -- MSNBC "poll" freeping by the Reich

Check out this poll at MSNBC.

The "reichwing" punditry has decided to mobilize their yawn-some power to "freep" and have all their keyboard kommandos rushing over to give Obama an "F" grade on his performance to date.

Why not balance it out a bit, and mosey on over to plug in an "A" or "B"?  (To really irk 'em, as it's an unscientific poll anyway, go for the "A"...and crush their weak little spineless gelatinous souls of darkened pitch like the pesky gnats that they are.)

...um, well -- guess I've got a stronger opinion about their lack of class and integrity than I thought.  I must still be decompressing from the relentless onslaught of reichwing propaganda from the Bush Debacle Years.