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Gas Price Map and 2004 Election Results Comparison: Coincidence?

Becca of DelphiForums noticed an interesting coincidence between the current gas price temperature map and the results of the 2004 Presidential election: can you spot it, too?

Could this simply be a coincidental reflection of relative demand, population density or other economic demographics, or could it reflect potential market manipulation by commodity traders, now under investigation?

What do you think? It's not as thought there's any kind of evidence of Republicans ever gaming the system, right?

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Princeton Purple Map

I kinda like the Map from Princeton:

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Texas - in the Houston metro area

I don't know how many oil refineries we have....but there are plenty. The price of gas is a little cheaper for regular that nat'l average.... I don't really think it matters much in the end and with all the investigations and noise going on....blowing smoke. We need to park our vehicles and stay home for a week...

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