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Bathtub Admirals

RIP Commander Jeffry Lyle Huber, US Navy (retired)

We learned, late, of the passing of Commander Jeffry L. Huber (retired) at the age of 57, on January 24, 2012.

He was one of ePluribus Media's bright bulbs who shined a light from his flight deck experience in a bounty of words wizened by U.S. Navy command and time on the USS Theodore Roosevelt.   It all sharpened the satire in his critcally acclaimed Bathtub Admirals.

He graced not only our shores but through the wider appeal of his blog, Pen and Sword, the DailyKos, and, among other venues. 

The spirit of his humor and insighted commentary are a loss and will be missed by many. 

RIP Commander Huber. 

For a long thread of worthy respect, see this eulogy at DailyKos or the bon voyages of well-wishers at Make the jump»

Review of Bathtub Admirals

originally posted 2008-06-06 12:32:35 -0500; bumped by Carol in hopes everyone pitches in to help promote Jeff's book.

From Carol White's review of Jeff Huber's Bathtub Admirals:


Those of you familiar with Jeff Huber's commentaries on U.S. political and military ineptitude — they appear regularly on ePluribus Media and on Pen and Sword — may be partially prepared for this incredible saga, but the story he has to tell is much worse than you expect and much funnier. He has written a hilarious parody of the U.S. Navy and an antic send-up of the modern military fiction.



Then read on, and come back here to discuss.


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