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equivalent exchange

Open Thread: John McCain's YouTube Problem -- Equivalent Exchange, Alchemy 101

Bumped -- GH. Originally posted 2008-06-12 21:07:33 -0500.

In Alchemy, there is a principle called "equivalent exchange" that comes into play in many areas of life, including politics.

If you replace an ethically challenged President with another ethically challenged President, and ensure that they are fairly equal (roughly equivalent) in terms of their foreign policy, defense posture, economic planning and technological (in)competence, you aren't really doing much of anything to change the system.

John McCain insists that a McCain Presidency won't be a third Bush term -- that putting him into the highest office on the land isn't going to be an equivalent exchange.

Hat-tip to USArmyParatrooper.

There's no magic here, folks.

    John McCain == George W. Bush == McBush == McSame

This is why John McCain and his right-hand minion man Joe Lieberman have a serious YouTube problem. This is why neither likes reality very much.

This is why, if McCain gets the Presidency, nothing will change. The country will continue on its way to hell in an elephant-shaped handbasket, adorned with a pretty ribbon and note from George W. reading "Smell ya later!"

This is why the GOP must lose both the Presidency and as much of their standing in Congress and in governerships, circuit courts and DA Offices across the land this election season.

They've gotten away with gaming the system for over 8 years. They came dangerously close to a "permanent" Republican majority, which would have permitted their destruction of the nation to continue apace.

This is why we must change the course our nation is on -- because if we don't force change, and a BIG one, then the destruction they've wrought will fester and spread.

Oh, yeah -- this is an Open Thread.


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