A '30 Days' Primer On Relevant Issues

Immigration, health care and minimum wage / living wage, 'teh gays' and Christians vs. Muslims in America.

All hot-button issues. All issues that the rabid right are woefully uninformed about.

And all issues that can be explored through a little bit of work...or the right sources.

I found a source that I'd forgotten about, one that may help educate some folks -- particularly those folks who are prone to falling for the fear-mongering bogeyman-like attack ads popping up with the intent of inciting and fomenting people against things they have been intentionally under-informed on: the cable series 30 Days by Morgan Spurlock, whose initial big claim to fame came from hit "Super-Size Me."

Check out some of the episode titles below the fold, and also the two video episodes that I've included. If you have any questions, criticisms or suggestions for additional informative stuff, please leave 'em in comments.

Thank you.

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The series was effectively cancelled when the hosting network, FX, decided not to renew it for another season. Here are the episodes that are "in the can" and which have aired (Episode tables pulled from the Wikipedia page about the series.):

First season

Episode No. Topic Original airdate
101 Minimum Wage June 15, 2005
102 Anti-Aging June 22, 2005
103 Muslims and America June 29, 2005
104 Straight Man in a Gay World July 6, 2005
105 Off the Grid July 13, 2005
106 Binge Drinking Mom July 20, 2005

Second season

Episode No. Topic Original Airdate
201 Immigration July 26, 2006
202 Outsourcing August 2, 2006
203 Atheist vs. Christian August 9, 2006
204 New Age August 16, 2006
205 Pro-life, Pro-choice August 23, 2006
206 Jail August 30, 2006

Third season

Episode No. Topic Original Airdate
301 Working in a Coal Mine June 3, 2008
302 Living in a Wheelchair June 10, 2008
303 Animal Rights June 17, 2008
304 Same Sex Parenting June 24, 2008
305 Gun Nation July 1, 2008
306 Life on an Indian Reservation July 8, 2008

Here are two episodes I recently embedded elsewhere as part of a discussion regarding same-sex marriage and the concept of a living wage (tied to a discussion re: reforming health care):

30 Days -- Minimum Wage
The day after the Oscars, nominee Morgan Spurlock and his fiancée Alex uproot themselves from the financial security of their fabulous New York City lives and work at multiple minimum wage jobs for 30 days.

30 Days -- Same Sex Parenting
"Aired 6/24/2008
A wife and mother who is a strong proponent of the traditional family unit will have her beliefs challenged when she agrees to spend 30 days with the new face of alternative parenting - that of a same sex couple with adopted and foster children."

There are several other episodes that look promising -- have you seen them? Perhaps plopping embedded selections on blogs in other spots could help spread some better information and counter some of the insane ad wars... What are your thoughts?

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A '30 Days' Primer On Relevant Issues

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I see why you are interested in the possibilities presented by the series.

Reality TV about actual reality, a novel approach I daresay!

I take it that you venture into forums where real dialogue about political and social issues must occur. Or at least it occurs to an extent that you'd offer footage like this as supportive of your side of the discussion.

What's the response been like so far? It seems like a smart way to support a point at issue. It also would seem to require discussion partners having open minds willing to consider and absorb new information.

It has been a long time since I've been in a context of mixed political views where opposing viewpoints came together with the intention of engaging in something besides mutually-assured disparagement.

It's something that I used to actively seek out but the damage done in the last several years has left me no desire to go looking for political warfare (since it seemed a given in any context!).

So I'm curious about what your experience has been.

"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our government in a trial of strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country." - Thomas Jefferson

out there, carry poisoned water to the masses; it makes dialogue difficult, which is the objective.

But some of the crazies can get tired, and if they watch enough of a video to show them a touch of reality, they might just realize how crazy they're acting.

That's all we need to do -- get light to dawn on a few marble heads...it'll become psychosocially viral, and deflate the intensity a tad.

Hopefully, before more incidents like this occur. More info about the hanged man: http://www.thetimestribune.com/archivesearch/local_story_074094330.html

When reading both stories, first about the discover of the man's body, then about the triumphant story of how he fought cancer and got a teaching cert relatively recently, it really drives home the point about how the rabid depersonalization of the right's (Reich's) enemies makes it so easy for them to kill genuine human beings.