Call for Interviewers

During the 2006 election cycle, ePluribus Media conducted a series of interviews with House and Senate candidates all over the country.

It is time to do this again.

The presidential race isn't the only one of importance; what happens in the House and the Senate will affect our lives just as dramatically. Yet we often know very little about the candidates running—not only in our districts and states, but elsewhere. Sure, we can't vote for the others, but we should know as much about them as we can, for their decisions in Washington affect all of us, and not just those in their districtions.

ePluribus Media seeks people willing to interview candidates on the issues, leaving the "horse race" stories to others. Most of the interviews will be conducted by email, with the interviewer providing a list of questions and then asking follow-ups and for clarifications. Interviewers will be working with ePMedia fact-checkers and copy-editors to provide as informative a presentation of the candidates' views as possible.

Our purpose is to help create a more informed voting public, not to push one side or the other, though the members of ePMedia do tend to be Democrats and on the progressive side of the spectrum. We don't hide our views, but wish to use these interviews for education, not conversion.

If you would like to join us, interviewing candidates in your state and district (or beyond), please contact us at: or

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