DailyKos, Subliminal Advertising and the Vast Left-Wing Media Conspiracy

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"What's in a name" might well be answered in the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words" -- evidence of a vast left-wing conspiracy to control the blogosphere, the internet, US politics and even the WORLD has now crept out of the shadowy depths and into the light...

Yes, that's right -- the Great Orange Satan has finally tipped its hand. Er, claw. Whatever.

No, really. And I'm sure the reich- right-wing pundits will be all over this as evidence of a nefarious, insidious conspiracy any time now.


...any time now...


It was bound to happen. It was just a matter of time before something slipped among the well-oiled parts of the hulking behemoth that constitutes the vast left-wing media and its hoards of socialism-spouting communists in the entertainment industry.

And now, it has.

DailyKos has jumped the shark, let the cat out of the bag and screwed the pooch by accidentally floating an advertisement that never should have crested its blood-orange pages: an advertisement for a movie that contains subversive elements and must, therefore, be an analogy for the right-thinking political establishment and the assault it is under by the evil leftist liberals.

Need proof? Ah -- then feast your eyes upon ...


Ad for "Kings" DailyKos "flag guy"

And THIS!:

The ad for the movie "Kings" blew all doubts of a vast conspiracy completely apart when it appeared in close proximity to the infamous DailyKos banner.

What's the movie "Kings" about? Ah, well -- check the NBC News and Announcements:

"Kings" is a riveting new drama from executive producer Michael Green (NBC's "Heroes") about a modern-day monarchy. The series is an epic story of greed and power, war and romance, forbidden loves and secret alliances -- and a young hero who rises to power in a modern-day kingdom. "Kings" stars Ian McShane (Golden Globe-winner, "Deadwood"), Chris Egan, Sebastian Stan, Susanna Thompson, Allison Miller, Wes Studi, Eamonn Walker and Dylan Baker.

"Kings" is produced by Universal Media Studios and is executive-produced by Green, Erwin Stoff ("I Am Legend") and Francis Lawrence ("I Am Legend"), who also directed the two-hour premiere.

What's the official slogan/motto/tag-line of the movie? "Hope lies in bravery."

Definitely a subversive message.

It's a wonder that the awesome investigative powers of Faux Fox News hasn't already broken the story through the unerring, inaccurate rantings intrepid reporting of Bill O'Reilly or others of his ilk stature.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, things are bound to fall apart -- the center cannot hold...and we, as a left of center center-reich nation, must therefore be doomed...


...OK, I can't continue -- there's just waaaaay to much sludge to wade through for effective snark right now.

Have fun playing with the pics, folks, and let me know if anyone on the right took this seriously and develops it into a righteously obnoxious conspiracy theory.

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So, what's new with all of you?

about to hit bottom?

I've been anticipating the joyful moment when we understand that the long drop into the abyss has left us at bottom and we can then know that "it's ALL uphill from here."

We aren't THERE yet?!

"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our government in a trial of strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country." - Thomas Jefferson

we're not "there" until they say we're there.  And that only happens when they can ensure convincing everyone that it's our fault that they drove us into the abyss and kept us from breaking the fall.

gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling...it
s been cold down here in TX! As far as the right wing goes..."just say no"!

There are so many other things that would be so perfect ...

...ah well. You're probably right.

Gotta treat 'em like animals -- pets, particularly dogs, when catching them in the act of misbehaving: "No!"

Works for the animals...tho, the doggies are typically a lot smarter than yer avg right-winger.