Shameful, disrespectful, ignorant and assinine: "Faux" News Interviews President Obama

Brett Baier proves himself to be an ignorant, arrogant, disingenuous asshole by disrespecting the President, the office and the nation with his childish Teabagger behavior. Watch:

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Baier is disgrace-fool.

...gee, we could try to make a game of this...

more of the - naive? - progressive left you have front-paged an asshole of cosmic dimension. You know the old saying, that any publicity is good publicity? You did good for FOX here - not the Prez.

that the enormity of the bad behavior was something worth showing.

The video doesn't go to Fox so they don't benefit from traffic.

I think the negative publicity actually does help discredit Fox and further illustrate just how much like teabaggers they are. Remember how the teabaggers interrupted the town halls as recommended by a strategy memo, and are funded by corporate lobbyists and GOP-leaning strategists?

One of those firms is led by Dick Armey, whose illustrious career is well served by stirring up the madness of the masses for his fellows and his masters.

This simply helps tie it all together.