Monsters Vs. Aliens -- Clip

I just previewed a few (dozen) clips or so of the new Disney film "Monsters vs. Aliens" -- here's a sample:

My favorite part?

Bob: What do people scream when they see you coming? You know, "Look out! Here comes...!"
Susan: "Susan."
Bob (in spooky voice): "Suuuuuuuusan -- ooo, I just scared myself."

Yeah, I know...simple things, simple minds...there are plenty of other things I could be entertaining myself with, but this seemed to be the right speed for me this morning.

Happy Saturday, folks.

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Probably we read different kinds of things, so I don't know if you've seen this. But what I read in the supermarket is that the aliens sent a delegation here during the Eisenhower administration. Did you see that? Or are you stlll catching up with Patrick Swayze? It has been all over for a long time you know. Eisenhower capitulated. Mind you, from what I hear he didn't have a choice. Did you hear what they were going to do if he didn't? Oh My God!. Have you heard that, or are you getting your information from somewhere else? What I'm hearing is that all these movies ET, Independance Day, and yes, even Men in Black (one and two) are just indeed to lull the stupid and confused into believing everything will be alright. Wake Up facrissakes! It isn't going to be alright. Let me tell you, you can't trust them. You know they didn't keep the deal Eisenhower made. Why the hell do you think this stuff is going on with the environment melting and all? That's right, you got the picture. We should keep quiet about it, not be too provocative, don't you agree?

...when asked to comment, former Veep (and former co-President) Dick Cheney didn't have any recollection of aliens or monsters ever even coming up in any of his tortuous series of meetings, mutilations and maulings.

  "I...can't recall anything of that nature. I don't think it's real. I mean, aliens?"   Says Mr. Cheney when asked about the subject of lizard people from outer space, "Lizard people from outer space? Are you serious? What kind of a nutter are you? Get out of my office before I shoot you in the face like I did to that other guy when I was drunk off my ass in Texas a while back."

Given Mr. Cheney's propensity for staunch truth-telling, I've got to believe that the thought of aliens or monsters never crossed his mind.

Not once.

And not only was his cold-eyed stare creeping me out only minutes into the interview, but he licked his eyes with a long forked tongue while a previously unnoticed inner eyelid closed -- sideways -- across the dead ocular orbs...

I signaled for the photographer that it was time to go, but Mr. Cheney's guards had restrained him by that time, stating that he'd be staying for dinner.

I took his camera with me, and -- oddly enough -- was given a box containing his clothes and misc. accessories as I left the secured bunker.

Strange people, those Cheneys.

Now that would be a case for the Men in Black to pursue wouldn't it? Those unexplained absences, that place where he was unreachable, temporal disorientation, inability to deal with time as unidrectional, and above all, the obvious inability to empathize with people, kind of indicate that some kind of species barrier might have been crossed here, whether that was spatial, from another galaxy, temporal, from another time, or perhaps biological we may never know for sure until a multi-disciplinary panel of the world's wisest men is assembled to review all the evidence. For that unfortunately it seems we will have to wait quite a while until they report the findings in my favorite sources of inside information down at the local Safeway.

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