Past Pieces and Random Reminders: Re-recapping the US Attorneys, Voter Fraud and More

Just for kicks and giggles, here's some past pieces that came up when searching on the term "Prosecutor Purge" using the ePluribus Media search function:

Criminal Coverup: DoJ Report Implicates White House Involvement In Prosecutor Purge

... Implicates White House : E-Mails Hint at Involvement in Prosecutor Firings, Officials Say by Carrie Johnson, Washington Post Staff ... week on an in-house investigation into the 2006 political purge of federal prosecutors during President Bush's second term all but

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Fourth Of July Reflections

... Oil company execs ...actively participated Prosecutor Purge in the enforcement of these laws...illegal even under German law. ...

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Of Lawyers, Guns and Money: GOP DOJ Guts Justice for All [REPOST from 2007]

... the Inspector General (IG) or a special prosecutor has been enlisted. One bright and promising exception to this ... Times examined Gonzales’ record beyond the U.S. Attorney purge and the FBI’s Patriot Act violations: – Gonzales “repeatedly ...

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Has anything been resolved yet on that? No? ...maybe it's time folks started thinking back, and pushing for a bit more housecleaning so that we can address the problems facing our nation without past impediments cropping up to slow our progress. 

The topics were also discussed elsewhere, with interesting speculations on where the evidence went -- for example, this comment thread excerpt on DailyKos:

Actually, think of it...

...evidence that raw information from such illegal activity could have been used to formulate the basis for the Prosecutor Purge and certain political caging activity or to target "soft" political targets for coercion; there could be discoverable information on the RNC emails that indicate by direct citation the level of abuse.

That's a seriously good, important point there, litigatormom...

What else is the WH protecting on the RNC emails it won't release...?

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I saw your diary

The RNC servers at the least have e-mails that discuss the data-mining, and quite possibly the political uses to which it is being put.  At the worst, which with these guys is always a significant possibility, the servers also house those parts of the database that are being used by the Creators of the Perpetual Republican Hegemony.

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It was part of this longer comment stream that discussed impeachment which, at the time, should have (imo) still been an option.

And, of course, there's still more about the US Attorney purge and some of the high-tech shenanigans that accompanied it.  Much of it ties back to and overlaps some of the big GOP efforts to invoke (and avoid) charges of voter fraud and manipulation:

Some of the previous items...

Previous ePluribus Media stories on the U.S. Attorneys

Here are some links to fact checked articles on the ePluribus Media Journal:

On the ePluribus Media Community, check out these commentaries:

There's still more -- these focus on Mike Connell:

Yep -- luaptifer of ePluribus Media has also  

been tracking Connell for a while. Here's one of the most recent:

VR Calls on John McCain to Fire Michael Connell for Covering Up for Karl Rove in Federal Election Manipulation Lawsuit

And now, here's a list of additional related items:

Previous stories

Recent stories

Friends' stories

Wow -- lots of information out there, and a lot of smoke.  Some day, folks might decide to clear the smoke -- if they remember that it's there -- and then what kind of interesting new information will we learn?

Here's hoping it helps us avoid the steep decline into a government rife with graft, corruption, cronyism and neglect.

...anywho -- that's today's exercise in the form a trip down memory lane "through the memory hole" -- wasn't it fun?


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Thanks for the reminder!  I was distracted earlier but have returned to post this link. 

I intend to keep it as an updated catalogue of our research and reporting on activities of the late Mike Connell and the network of related political operatives.

Though Connell is no longer part of the ongoing story, those he worked with and for have not given up the game of misshaping what "moving forward" looks like under the Obama Administration. 

We'll certainly have more coming, soon, so bookmark this link if the stories suit your interests.



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the WaPo ran this article   Actions by Gonzales, Parole Commission Faulted


A convicted murderer whose parole was rescinded should be released because then-Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales and the U.S. Parole Commission engaged in a string of improper and unlawful actions to keep him behind bars, a federal magistrate has determined.

In a harshly worded opinion on Thursday, U.S. Magistrate Susan S. Cole of Atlanta wrote that the parole commission showed bias in its dealings with Veronza Bowers Jr., a former Black Panther serving a life sentence in connection with the 1973 slaying of a federal park ranger near San Francisco. Gonzales intervened to keep Bowers in prison after a memo from then-Commissioner Deborah Spagnoli, a former White House aide. Cole concluded that the attorney general "had no statutory or regulatory authority" to seek a review of the matter.