What is the truth? How do people know the truth? From the left, it often includes a lot of frustration and rightfully so. The truth is that we are blaming the wrong people. How do you know the truth. Proof. There was a time when a reporter could not post a story without two valid sources.

Now the truth can often be one person's truth. That is fine. That is free speech. As long as the person is honest, and states that this is his/her truth, it is free speech. But this is not appropriate for any legitimate news organization.

The danger to free speech is when one or a relative few are paid to make up a "truth" for their members. When the "truth for people" is embraced by an entire party, if they speak as one, then the "truth" they are speaking is manipulation. When it is used to frighten other people into acting against their own best interests, they have no more truth. They have only what others tell them to believe.

So why would someone do this? Why would someone wreck this hallowed ground that is American Democracy. How do we know who to believe?

While we have it, we can look to the beginning. We can see how and why it started. It began, shamefully, with God. Who better than God to use when the intention is to manipulate. How did they do this... step by step.

Why is it important to look back? We need to know how dangerous this is. We need to come together to fight this greatest of evils, the use of God, for the manipulation of others. In the face of this, the greatest threat to our Democracy, everything else pales. Unless we are free, we will forever be unable to practice "the pursuit of happiness." We will be faced with endurance. We will have to endure whatever is forced on us. It will be a life of survival.

How are people who live in countries where there is no freedom able to endure? Hopefully we will never know. Now, we have hope. We must use everything we have to keep that hope alive. To expose those who are lying is our first duty to ourselves. We must reach those who have been lied to. They cannot be lectured to. They must be shown the truth. A light must be shined on deceit.

The liars, find one and try to reason with them. It truly cannot be done. Their final answer for everything is in the Bible. This is a Bible that they have no trouble reading in a manner that no one but the originator can pinpoint. They are told that God only wants to be around "good people." Good people believe in what they call the rapture. I have asked and asked to be shown where it says there will be a "rapture" in the Bible. It is just not there.

It appears to be made up of about seven verses from several chapters, all of which combine to mean that some of us will be shot up to heaven and the rest of us will be left in hell. Some of the people I have asked are some of the truly meanest people I've ever met.

One sent me pages and pages in an email, with mean scripture after mean scripture. I actually didn't realize there was so much mean scripture in the Bible. Each of these pages had a button to press to see if I belonged to "Christ's church." As a Presbyterian, unfortunately, I was judged a pagan.

The saddest thing is that it seems that the mainstream news media is unwilling to take on this two America's. It is unthinkable. The place that most Americans tune to for news, especially if they have little time, is all but ignoring what is happening. America, Democracy is on the line and they are shying away from controversy. Or perhaps they think, as many do that "it's religion, how dangerous can it be."

We're going back to the start. For me it started 24 years ago when a family member spent hours on the phone and in person telling me that I was going to hell if I didn't belong to her specific church. This is no church, this is a cult. But I owe you proof. I should show you proof of every word that I have here. They are rewriting history. They are rewriting the Bible (without help from a compassionate God this time.) Too compassionate a God is just not what this crowd can use.

But we must fight this fight. It is about nothing less than the freedom to pursue our happiness or endure the day.

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