Wherein Conservatives Admit To Hysterical Accusations And Intentional Deception

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If you've seen the recent dKos diary by Queen of Swords or the article referred to within by David Frum (infamously titled Waterloo), one crucial item stands out: the admission that Republicans have willfully & intentionally conducted a vigorous program to whip up "hysterical accusations and pseudo-information" -- in short, they've knowingly lied to their base and the nation in order to oppose the initiatives and policies of this President and the Democratic majority.

This demonstrates their willful complicity in undermining and obstructing government for political purposes, not for the benefit of their constituents. It also deals a hefty blow against teabagger lunacy, which has built up a head of steam based solely on the misinformation generated by the GOP efforts to "destroy" the presidency of Barack Obama.

The Atwater school of politics may at last be coming to an end, or at least entering a much-needed recession.

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Here's the telling part from Frum's piece:

I’ve been on a soapbox for months now about the harm that our overheated talk is doing to us. Yes it mobilizes supporters – but by mobilizing them with hysterical accusations and pseudo-information, overheated talk has made it impossible for representatives to represent and elected leaders to lead.

Emphasis mine.

The "Government takeover of health care"? Overheated talk. GOP bloviation. The "Kenyan usurper", the "where's the birth certificate" bullshit? Hysterical accusations. The budget-busting HCR package, or unConstitutional procedures? Pseudo-information, and outright lies.

They admit it.

Don't let them forget that even their own admit it.

Do not for a second fail to remind the virulent teabagger brigades that their whole movement is based on deception and manipulation orchestrated by the likes of Dick Armey's Freedomworks and Art Pope's Americans for Prosperity.

Republican Reps. Steve King (IA), Michele Bachmann (MN), and Mike Pence (IN), attendees and supporters of Teabagger rallys and directly complicit in fomenting their rabid furor? LIARs.

Karl Rove, architect of the political maneuvers that brought us the 8 disastrous years of George W. Bush from which we're still trying to recover, and who now speaks out as a member of Fox ("Faux") News in his ongoing efforts to undermine the Obama presidency and Democratic majority's initiatives? LIAR.

Liz Cheney, who constantly appears attempting to justify her father's illegal and unConstitutional policies while spouting the same talking points of the Bush years and current GOP leadership? ...the same Liz Cheney who overdid it in her recent smearing of the DoJ, and yet seems to gathering her skirts for an attempt to run for President in 2012? LIAR.

The teabaggers, who have been following right-wing instructions for obstruction and growing increasingly hostile, increasingly dangerous, have been completely invalidated.

Don't let the GOP's renewed attempts to invent a false narrative get off the ground. They LIE. They have been intentionally lying and purposely shit-stirring instead of serving their nation, and the public must not forget this. The Republican narrative of following a divisive, deceptive attack strategy has poisoned American politics for too long. It's time to confront them and loudly shout them down.

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put together about a ten minute video montage that is pretty much representative last night's debate including highlights and lowlights:


The GOP needs to start working for the people; our nation's taken too much damage as it is.

I hope that more folks start watching and catching on to the shenanigans...

Now that we've established a starting foundation for health care -- what do we build upon it next? Grayson's "Medicare Buy-In" plan? ...that may be easier and simpler to start with...what do you think?

Even a conservative can understand how simple and good Grayson's legislation is. Part of why 80 House Dems are already signed on. Sanders should introduce the sister piece for it in the Senate. It can go through reconciliation, as well, so only 50 + 1 votes needed.

Still trying to figure out how or if the weak wording of the supposed ERISA waivers (language is ambiguous) will effect us in 4 years. Some of the state single payer activists seem to think it is adequate. Others? Not so much.