It's a Dog's Life

For those of you who love animals, and pets of any kind but dogs in particular, here's a few links to with some classics:

Dog and Children Look-a-Likes

Why God Made Pets (apparently, particularly doggie type pets)

and -- finally -- the piece du resistance of the day:

Automatic Screen Cleaner

...that last item may have to change, as I'm not 100% certain it was meant for public dispersal and thus may constitute bandwidth theft -- I'm sending an email to the site owner now to double check and inquire about loading it elsewhere for public consumption.

Hat-tip to peskydang for the initial pointer.

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thanks GH!

Dogs are always SOOO tongue in cheek. They do tend to get confused about which parts belong where!

Our Jack, the 135 lb Alaskan Malamute, had a nightmare last night.

I spoke softly to him and tried to soothe him.

When I reached down to pat him, tho, he gave a warning snarl and snapped at my hand; he was still disoriented. I continued to talk soothingly, and let him fall back to sleep...this morning, he was up and snuffling my head to say "Good Morning!" bright and early.

He's had a rough time of life -- his first owner committed suicide, and he was left with her body all day until her ex-husband brought her son home that afternoon. He then spent a few months in kennels and shelters until we found him.

He's adapting.