A Frank Response In Three, Two, One...

In a discussion over on DelphiForums, a poster by the name of Frank had made some observations regarding the bleak situation that Barack Obama inherited when he stepped into the Oval Office. One particular sentence jumped out at me -- something about two wars.

No! -- the cry of my subconscious was instant, unexpected and vehement. Not two! Four!

I almost felt like I was in an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Over the jump, I'll repeat my reasoning.

Here's the full text of my response to Frank. I'm not sure he'll agree with them or not:

Minor nit, Frank. You said:

Also on the day he took office he was confronted with two ongoing wars.

I believe the correct number is four: two foreign, and two domestic.

The domestic wars are

  1. The revolt of the Revoltin' Republicans in Congress
    They're against any and all attempts to make the nation stronger, any and all attempts to make the nation more secure, any and all attempts to improve the quality of life for the citizens and any and all attempts to improve the disparaging income inquality that is bringing us back to 1900s and early 20th century levels on social, economic and cultural areas; and,
  2. the Sedition and Treason of the teabagger movement
    Funded by GOP think-tanks and pundits and paraded around by their noses, this bowel "movement" is being called a "grass roots" movement yet is a classic example of rich & privileged corporations and organizations staging a false front -- "astroturfing" is the generally accepted term for it.

Those two domestic wars have targeted a two-prong approach -- ensuring that Obama's leadership and tenure fails to proceed and fails to clean up the mess created by his predecessors, and to enrage and outrage the easily swayed and misinformed in order to evoke attempts at outright murder and riots as a way of trying to hang the reactions of the lunatics upon the current majority party in their own bid to try to regain power.

At least, that's how I'm counting -- four wars: two foreign, and two domestic. Three of which are illegal; two are treason, one is a war crime.

What do you think? Two? Or four?

I already know what my answer is: There Are Four Lights Wars!

Four wars: Two foreign, two domestic. Three are illegal: Two are treason, one is a war crime.

Four. Three. Two. One...

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Cardassian torture tactics.

It's poetic in the simplicity.

Control the narrative and prevent deeper analysis.

There are Four Wars.

I like that description.