A Reminder of Republican Failures

First off, a chart of the telco contributions to Republicans vs. Democrats. It came in handy during a conversation about FISA and telco immunity where someone tried to illustrate how the "trial lawyers" going after the telcos were "buying off" Democrats. When I countered stating that the Telcos themselves had bought off Republicans, the fool said "Show me" -- so, I did. :)

Via OpenSecrets.org:

Also important to remember -- the legacy that the George W. Presidency leave us, via Dems.gov:

A Message for Republicans: After a Presidency marked by six years of total Republican control of Congress and the White House and plagued by scandals and corruption of all kinds, the Republican party has only one choice left:

  1. Stand up for the People and the Nation once more and hold this President and his staff accountable, or

  2. Go down in flames with the ship, and know that every history book in the world will list all your names as guilty for your continued protectionism of a corrupted, criminal Administration guilty of multiple acts of treason and crimes against humanity.

It's your choice, folks -- choose wisely, or be destroyed. The nation and all the people are watching you now. You've seen the polls. You're freaking out. It's time to come clean, or at least stand up and help clean up the obvious mess. Failure to do so now will never be forgiven; your party, as wounded and hurting as it is, will be hounded relentlessly and shamed -- inasmuch as unevolved cretins can be -- until it ceases to exist, leaving behind only an oily smear across a few infamously unlucky pages of history.

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