Achmed the Dead Terrorist...

originally posted - 2008-03-09 04:54:42 -1100

Jeff Dunham the ventriloquist and his boney buddy Achmed, the dead terrorist...who looks kind of like Don Rumsfeld without his makeup, IMO.

A tad offbeat, somewhat funny, some bad language and off-color touches, but I thought it was an interesting alternative to the Bush Republican version of what to expect from "terrorists"...

Hat-tip to pmeldrum for the pointer to the video.

Happy Sunday, folks. Hope nobody is offended -- let me know your thoughts in comments. Thank you.

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... was I supposed to be offended?

the brief interlude of the old reference to Jewish people fighting over a penny or Catholic priests fighting over a small boy (and then having to square off against Michael Jackson) might have offended some people, and the headdress on Achmed to tie him to a concept of Middle Eastern suicide bomber could have been regarded as inflammatory by others -- tho there, I think the real-world realities of current suicide bombers would make such an outcry a little weaker.

Overall, I think Dunham danced effectively into a realm where he wasn't over the line. However, my judgement doesn't necessarily mean that others won't be offended.

My goodness he doesn't miss much.

Offencive for everyone

It seemed to be pretty much equal opportunity offensive... so, oddly, maybe that is why it didn't seem "pointed" .. but it's late, it's Sunday... my judgement may be impaired.

that it was stereotyping Muslims; I don't think it targets Muslims, but it definitely does target suicide bombers and certains myths/legends/folklore about them.

It also skewers a few others, too.