Barack Obama: The Great American Melting Pot, Personified

How many people remember this?

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Head below the fold to see what made me think of it, and why -- and yes, the title is a dead giveaway.

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I thought of it when I read this, from The Telegraph:


Mr Obama's biggest problem is that blue collar workers don't think he empathises with their problems, despite his time working as a community organiser in Chicago.

Ms Soetoro-Ng said: "He has spent a lifetime working in the trenches. He enjoys meeting people and listening to their stories. Part of his gift is that he is capable of understanding people from such a variety of places and walks of life.

"Recently he went back to Hawaii and spent time with our grandmother, who lives in the same apartment where she has lived for the last 40 years. This is a man who knows his roots, complex as they are."

It is those roots, with a Kenyan-born father and a mother, Ann Dunham, who moved from Kansas to Hawaii to Indonesia, where she married Lolo Soetoro, Maya's father, that have left Mr Obama looking a little exotic for some voters.

Maya, whose mother was American, her father Indonesian and her husband a Chinese Canadian, believes that her brother is more representative of the modern American melting pot than the mainstream media realises.

"The truth is that American families are complicated today and people are ready for that," she said, arguing that her brother "will bring all kinds of families and voices and communities" into political process.

"He recognises that there are multiple ways of thinking and being. That's not necessarily an international question. That's the case within this nation."


This nation has had eight years of failed diplomacy, failed foreign policy and churlish, childish actions by the criminally-inclined Bush Administration.

It's about time that we, as a nation and as a People, stood up and grew up, and elected a leader with the background to at least begin addressing some of the major failings of the Bush Administration. When it comes right down to either John McCain or Barack Obama, or even any of the third party potentials, the only way we can put a complete stop to the legacy of the current failures is to put Obama in office. At least he has the understanding of bridging various cultures and ethnicities -- something we are in dire need of.

This is, of course, simply my opinion based on the current playing field and options available. YMMV.

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