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GOP and Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Posted at the Examiner. Crossposted at the Daily Kos. Posted here because GreyHawk asked, and cuz I like you guys. :)

I wrote an article over the weekend entitled "Republicans' ODD Behavior Part 1" for the Raleigh Examiner, using examples from the health care debates. It's quite long, so I'll just excerpt it below. If nothing else, it's fun snark for a Sunday afternoon (though the conservatives responding to it in the Examiner comments facility don't seem to get the humor...).

MiniGrants From History Commons

Promoted -- this is interesting stuff. Check it out. Max is "Good People." -- GH

The History Commons is offering mini-grants to citizen journalists who would like to research and write for us. The details are on this page. I know the work of the ePluribus community, largely through the contributions of Greyhawk and other eP members who contribute their work to the Daily Kos, so it strikes me that our two sites could do a hell of a job cross-pollinating one another. If you're interested, please put in an application on the site, post a blog comment, or contact me: purplesage23 AT yahoo DOT com.

Thanks! -- Max Black