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Technology and Education

Eduaction provides people with tools and knowledge they need to understand, perform, and participate in todays world. Education enhances the ability of households to manage health problems, improve nutrition and childcare, and plan for the future. It helps to sustain the human values that contribute to individual and collective well-being. It is the basis for lifelong learning. It inspires confidence and provides the skills needed to participate in public debate. It makes people more self-reliant and are of opportunities and rights.

Race the Great!

Its is projected that the combined population of American Minority groups will
outnumber whites in the next fifty years. Many rural and urban enviornments are already finding diversity in similar propotions. American history is filled with examples of racial and ethnic discrimination; during slavery "seperate but equal" as an educational plan struck down by Brown vs. Topeka, legal discrimination against members of minority groups,underemplyment and undepayment of ethnic group members.

Racism in Hollywood

Seeking for the reality about African American lives was never an easy task. It was never found in history books and certainly not in Hollywood. Racism in movies always resounds the culture at large and reveals a nation that troubled for centuries by its history of slavery and segragation. Hollywood never forgets what culture is all about and potrays it in movies, songs etc.

What is Race in the New Media?

Race is not just a word with a meaning. It is an incredibly powerful statement that contains variety of characteristics, apparel, personals, effects, and even tricks. It has become an institutional part of American history. Each person has a different meaning for race, but let us become attached to the most common meaning of race; “a local geographic or global human population distinguished as a more or less distinct group be genetically transmitted physical characteristics.” Some people even seem to