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The GOP plan to steal the 2008 election

The 2008 election is coming up fast. In the past 2 cycles, there have been misdeeds both before and after the election which invariably have unfairly awarded the election to the Republicans. There have been names of infamy associated with this: Kathryn Harris, Secretary of State of Florida - Ken Blackwell, Secretary of State of Ohio - and this year, that name is going to be Mike Coffman, Secretary of State of Colorado. Colorado you ask?

Another reason Clinton is not the right choice? Iran.

I first met Neghin Sobhaini last year while doing an interview on the subject of Darfur. There I learned of her heritage as an Iranian American, and of her work in Iran with the U.N.
When McCain started touring the country with Joe Lieberman and continued to hint at another War - this time with Iran, I knew Neghin would be a good person to discuss how these type of actions are affecting politics in Iran, specifically by undermining the moderates in the country who want reform and diplomacy with the West.

Alberto Gonzales was warned about Riots at the Supermax prison in CO - now 2 are dead

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This past week, on the anniversary of Adolf Hitler's birthday, Colorado's Supermax Federal Prison had a full fledged riot. Two inmates were shot and killed. The prison remains on full lockdown.

Why did this happen? Racism in prisons? Gang violence? Perhaps these were mitigating circumstances, but the sad truth is that those who work in the Prison have been sounding the alarms about this type of incident happening, not due to these circumstances, but due to understaffing and budget cuts.

Candidate Jason Bane - how local politics shape energy policy

This year, we have an opportunity to make a big impact on Jefferson county, for the state of Colorado, and potentially for the way this nation uses energy. Jason Bane is challenging Kevin McCaskey for County Commissioner, and after you hear some of the scandalous activity this board of commissioners has engaged in, I believe you will agree with Jason, that it is time to end the culture of corruption in Jefferson County.
More importantly, with NREL and the School of the Mines, it is also time to make Jefferson county
'The epicenter of Renewable Energy' to quote Jason.

CO Rep Morgan Carroll,CCHI,and SEIU working for Healthcare with the FAIR Bill

Recently, SEIU had a phone bank to put voters in touch with their State House Representative and allow them to voice their support for the FAIR Act.
This Act would allow Colorado's Insurance Commissioner to review rate hikes for individuals and small business owners.
The Colorado Consumer Health Initiative started this action and gave voice to thousands of citizens across the state. Now, Rep. Morgan Carroll has introduced this Bill and the vote is THIS WEEK.
Here is what you can do...

Call the capitol and tell your House Rep or Senator that you want them to Support the FAIR Act.

BBC proves that the recession is actually a depression

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OK let's review. Last Spring, Bush said their was no recession. This summer, 'a few bumps in the road' - this fall, "Stormy weather", now, well their might be a depression, but my tax break will fix it.
My opinion of these changes reflect that there is indeed a serious recession and possible depression occurring, but our news media doesn't cover the issues.
At least BBC has covered the newest element of our spiraling economy - Bush's own 'Hoovervilles' are here.

A great Dem for Congress, Betsy Markey, CO C0-04 w/video

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We have a lot of great opportunities to expand the democratic majority in the house this fall, and a lot of great candidates.

One such candidate is a remarkable woman, Betsy Markey, running for Colorado's CD-4, a seat currently held by Marilyn Musgrave. Representative Musgrave thought D.O.M.A (Defense of Marriage Act) did not go far enough, and introduced an amendment that would outlaw benefits to anyone not married, thus effectively ending an individual state's right to grant civil unions.

But besides Musgrave's morality legislation concerns, Bets Markey is a terrific candidate for this seat, because as someone who has worked both in the private sector and with the State department, she can attack (and does so effectively) Musgrave from a business and fiscal conservative platform as well as from a standpoint of someone who has superior foreign policy experience.

Read more on her ideas and her interview via youtube video...