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When Will We (Really) Prosecute Hate Crimes?: A DC Election Night Attack Was One of Far Too Many!


The last few weeks have been a roller coaster for this African-American Obama supporter.  Anticipation, stress, and fear—anxious, gut-twisting paranoia.  I made nervous jokes about lynchings, and watched while Obama-supporting white colleagues and fellow Americans continued to behave, paradoxically, in the blatantly yet (officially) invisibly racist fashion that I’ve become accustomed to. 

Race and New Media: Post-Face, Call to Arms

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First, let me introduce myself to the E Pluribus webspace: Annie Seaton, Aaron Barlow's erstwhile sidekick, collaborator, and co-conspirator. We intend, together, to reform most of what remains of Western Civilization. Hola! What follows is my post-face on the "Race and New Media" (after this RANM) conference. Ironically, this conference on "new" media, organized partly via email, googlechat, and Facebook, had its origins in a series of "real"-world encounters I'll introduce various protagonists, with an eye to their future appearance on these pages--

I met Omar Wasow (the future founder of at Stanford in 1991. Back then, Omar was talkin' about rallying the "Mulatto Nation,"-- the hybridized and hybridizing with an ironic bent towards subversion. Today, Omar brings that same flair to his racial and political iconoclasm as a Government/Af-Am PhD candidate and tech analyst.