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Is the Internet Our New Primary Source of Edutainment?

The YouTube, MySpace, Facebook; all of these sites are significant amongst the millions and millions of internet websites around the world. These are among the more popular and more controversial sites that plague favorite past times. The big question, however, is are these web browsers and the many others out there on the internet the new source of education and entertainment?

Is Urban College Life a Floating Fantasy or a Sinking Reality?

Although there is a major distinction between the tenure of a freshman in high school and that of a college freshmen, there is still one thing that comes to bring these two separate worlds together-grades and the frustration that comes along with it. As time goes on, it becomes harder for both students in senior primary school and colleges (of any level) to accomplish the ultimate goal of passing on to the year ahead.

Is there such a thing as objectivity in the world?

In the world that we live in today,is it really possible for anyone to have no favorable opinion about anything without the assumption that there is nothing wrong with the individual? Moreover, the essential question is can the world be objective, and if so, at what price?

Should the Government Control Censorship?

At a time when the American economy appears to be suffering from a financial decline, or a recession, there is a constant need and a certain desperation for production to continue-wherever it is possible. Having said that, in the entertainment industry, shouldn't the business (among other prospects) be allowed to expand beyond their simple conquests and explore new pastures, starting with the decrease of censorship?

Brent Staples: 21st Century Hero or 21st Century Sellout? Flop Assimilist of the Century

Famous New York Times journalist Brent Staples is an African American, in appearance alone. He, under no way, shape or form otherwise can be defined as a person of color as he familiarizes himself with contemporary, Caucasian-favored music.

Staples' work is not far from his outlook of life.

In Staples' works, Black Men and Public Space, he admits that in order to avoid otherwise unwarranted elements of discrimination. The question that is now up for debate; can this guy be considered more than just an "uncle Tom" journalist?