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What Is In The Swine Flu Vaccine: A Primer

What Is In The Swine Flu Vaccine: A Primer
By Elaina George, MD

There has been a lot of confusion about what ingredients are in the H1N1 Vaccine. In order to distill the information to make it easier for you to make an informed choice, here is a brief synopsis of the information provided by the manufacturers in their package inserts.

There are 4 manufactures who have been approved to sell H1N1 vaccine in the US. They are: Novartis, CSL, Sanofi/Pasteur and MedImmune

The Health Care Debate: A Head Fake to Distract Us from Politics As Usual

A couple of nights ago, I watched Jane Hamsher, the founder and publisher of the progressive website Firedoglake.com make a startling statement. She was a guest on The Rachel Maddow Show and was speaking about the fact that members of the congressional progressive caucus had drawn a line in the sand regarding the need for a public option, “after it became clear that Rahm Emanuel and Max Baucus were trying to deal a public plan away to the AMA, the hospitals, Pharma in exchange for keeping the money out of Republican coffers in 2010.”  I stopped my DVR and replayed this portion of the interview a couple more times to make sure that I had heard her correctly. It all started to make sense. It made me think about the healthcare debate in a different way. I realized that this debate is not about us – the American people. It is about politics pure and simple.

We Are Being Hoodwinked and Bamboozled By The Health Care Reform Debate

When I read that the president had met with CEOs and other top representatives of the largest health insurance companies, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies before healthcare reform was crafted by Congress, I had my doubts about the direction of health care reform confirmed


Some Weaknesses of the Healthcare Reform Bills to Watch For

The debate on healthcare reform is in full swing, but no one is paying 
attention to the long term effects.

I am for universal healthcare in theory.  As a physician, I believe that it 
is a fundamental right. Unfortunately, the way the debate and pending 
legislation has been crafted, the outcome will result in unintended 
consequences.As a physician in solo practice, I am in a unique position to see the outcome  if we continue on the path that Congress is proposing in HR 3200.

Will We Let Universal Healthcare Lead To The Outsourcing Of Medicine To Wal-Mart?

What if we get what we have been asking for and every American is covered by medical insurance? It sounds wonderful to be able to give everyone access to healthcare - I am all for it. In a perfect world we would be healthier, live longer and the costs associated with healthcare for businesses large and small as well as the individual would become affordable. However, in the real world if nothing is fundamentally changed about the way the insurance companies operate we will continue to head towards a system that will lead to a further demoralized health care work force, good physicians will continue to leave the system, access to healthcare will be further restricted, and a viable doctor patient relationship may become a thing of the past.

Universal Healthcare: Are We Missing The Real Debate?

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The debate in Washington between those who believe universal healthcare equals socialized medicine and the end of the world vs. those who believe that single payer, government mandated health insurance is the only way to stop the selfish evil insurance companies has begun and is gaining steam.

I believe that single payer universal healthcare is a worthy goal, since I fundamentally believe that good health should be a right and not a privilege. Unfortunately, implementation of it will likely prove to be hard when the reality of the power of the healthcare and pharmaceutical lobbies in Washington are taken into account. They have spent a lot of money and have the ear of key members of congress. I am concerned that there is no appetite for real change, and that fear will instead lead to a doubling down on the status quo.

Medical Insurance Companies Have Run Amock...Time for a Single Payer Smack down

Insurance companies are out of control. The health system is so out of wack and the insurance companies have no fear of reprisal.  They are in need of a single payer smack down. 

When I got into my office this morning I was informed by my office manager that an insurance company had called and was requesting a refund for overpayment for patients that were seen in the office in 2005-2006.
I was pretty angry until I started to think about it.  It dawned on me that I had received a letter from a different insurance company asking for reimbursement for surgery that was done in Sept 2008. It turns out they had only partially paid me for the surgery that I had done. Now they were asking for a reimbursement?  That would mean that I would be paying THEM for the privilege of operating on their patient.