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Republican Seats and the Challengers

These Republican seats are up for re-election in 2020.
"Don't agonize, organize!"


Date of Primary: 08/18/2020

Republican Primary candidate: Dan Sullivan
Democratic primary candidates: No Democratic candidate has filed to run in this election.


Date of Primary: 08/04/2020

Republican Primary candidate: Martha McSally

Democratic primary candidates:

The WPost’s David Ignatius Pens Another Exculpatory Brief for CIA

[cross-post submitted Jul 23rd, 2009: The Public Record ]

By Melvin A. Goodman

David Ignatius, the mainstream media’s leading apologist for the Central Intelligence Agency, has written another exculpatory brief for the CIA. In today’s Washington Post, Ignatius defends the CIA’s assassination program and implies that no investigation is needed since “nobody had been killed.”

A week ago, Ignatius argued that it was “just plain nuts” to have an investigation and that CIA operatives would refuse assignments in counterterrorism in the wake of any investigation. What Ignatius doesn’t do is discuss the legal and moral implications of a secret assassination program or the CIA’s tortured history in this field.

The CIA is no stranger to the field of assassination where they have contributed to numerous disasters. Revelations of assassination plots in Cuba, the Congo, the Dominican Republic, and Vietnam in the early 1960–at the direction of the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations–led to a ban on CIA political assassinations in the mid-1970s. None of these assassination attempts helped U.S. national security interests, and all of them led to increased violence, even terrorism.