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The Religious Right and the Progressive Left: Same Boat, Different Day

originally posted on 2008-07-13 10:31:58. Bumped, interesting questions. Phillips suggests that the Religious Right will be sitting this election out. Weiler asks an interesting question: Are the staunch progressives considering the same? -- cho

Ronald Reagan rode the Religious right to power, as did George Bush Sr. and Jr. From the Clinton era to two years ago, Congress was controlled by Republicans who rode into power on the same horse. The religious right faithfully voted for their party because . . .they had no place else to turn.

Of Quantum Physics and PTSD: The Dots Are Already Connected.

Having read DEFuning's article on Genetic Transmission of PTSD? I know that some of the concepts can be a little strange. I am therefore supplying some background information to show that from what we understand of Quantum Physics, that is, the study of subatomic particles, we can know that this is possible.

Beyond Eternal Vigilance: Creating a Better Society

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It looks like the Democrats are going to be in power. Even my old conservative father has switched parties. The Republican dynasty is coming to a close.

So now what? Are we going to get the change we've all been hoping for? The signs are not good:

A Different Type of Tax

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Sometimes we need to see things differently to understand them fully. right now, I'm reading the book "Free Lunch" by David Cay Johnson. It details how the rich are twisting government policy to enrich themselves. No surprises here.

But this article isn't about railing against the rich, it's about looking at the structure of government differently. What we learn in school is that there are three branches of government: Congressional, Presidential and Judicial. In practice, we have a fourth branch of government which is comprised of a loose coalition of the super wealthy who use lobbying and campaign contributions to exert influence on the other three branches. Again, nothing new here.

A Tale of a Dancing Bear: The Good and the Bad of Home Depot

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Home Depot is like a dancing Bear. It is remarkable that it dances at all, but it doesn't dance very well. I am writing this because I have a lot of experience with Home Depot. I am a general contractor who specializes in Handyman type job. As a result, I am in and out of Home Depot at least a 100 times a year. I visit them up and down the San Francisco Peninsula from San Jose to almost San Francisco. (SF has no Home Depot.)

This Just In!!! Ten Year Old News!

Have you ever tried to explain to anyone how the bad the media is at getting out the truth? Have you been met with glazed eyes and skeptical stares?

Here is an interesting example of the media's lack of interest in the truth:

I am writing a book and in the process, I needed to discover some facts about research into psychic abilities. My scant knowledge, like most people's went something like this: