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New GOP merchandising campaign: pray for Obama's death

The wingnuts have a new slogan: Pray for Obama, Psalm 109.

“Let his days be few; and let another take his office. Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow.”

It’s on bumper stickers, T-shirts, everything, even toys.

Gotta get all that cool stuff in the stores for Christmas!


They are publicly expressing their hope that God, or some armed wingnut, will cut Obama down.

And teaching their kids to pray for the same thing.


Chaos and opportunity in the GOP

Chaos and opportunity in the GOP

Could the  current chaos resurrect Palin from the political dead?
The GOP brand gets weaker every day. Only 22 percent of Americans identify themselves as Republicans now, way behind both the Democrats and the Independents; among other things, this means the GOP would need a huge majority of independents to reject Obama, just to get a tie in 2012. Also the latest ABC poll shows that 72 percent of Americans support the kind of limited public option offered in the Senate bill.

The GOP isn’t helping itself with its seemingly endless series of embarrassments. GOP screeching about Obama’s bow to the Japanese emperor blew up in their faces when the media posted images of Bush kissing the king of Saudi Arabia and holding hands with him, and Nixon bowing to Mao. More and more conservatives are ridiculing the GOP whining and yammering about trying terror suspects in criminal courts. Beck made conservatives look even more ridiculous by equating Obama with a rapist: "We're the young girl saying 'no, no, help me,' and the government is Roman Polanski." And the RNC had to admit a week ago that their employee health plan covers…abortion.

How to conquer the Senate Blue Dogs

Let's recap on the reconciliation option.

Without the reconciliation option, Obama needs 60 Senators to pass health reform, and Lieberman has said repeatedly that he refuses to be Vote #60.

If Reid and Obama go the reconciliation route, the threshold for passage goes down from 60 to 50.

And what that means is that under the reconciliation formula, Senators #51 through 59 become completely IRRELEVANT.

OMG the House vote was so close!

Some Democrats, and a bunch of reporters who are characteristically averse to both research and reflective thought, are mooing "OMG the vote was so close, Pelosi can't get to 218 on the conference bill!!"

Stop wringing your hands, girls.

First of all, let's remember that the House vote wasn't as close as it looked: we know that Pelosi had more votes than she needed so she let some gutless Blue Dogs vote "no" at the last minute.

Second, Pelosi can persuade some "No" voters to switch back for the conference vote, on the reason that they already kowtowed to their Blue Dogs at home by voting "no" on the first bill, and their constituents mostly want the public option anyway: when your President and party leader ask for your vote in the conference bill, you damn well better fall in line. Some voted "no" because the bill was too liberal while others thought it was too conservative but Pelosi will be able to get some of each group back. The House, unlike the Senate, actually has some discipline.

Third, the three big differences between the House and Senate bills -- the opt-out, the abortion provision, and the financing issue -- will be easy to reconcile, generally in favor of the Senate version, because the House financing formula is more expensive, because Pelosi already said she is okay with shepherding the opt-out formula through the House, and because removing the toxic abortion language won't cost any votes in the House since Stupak admitted that his power pay was a bluff and his boys would hve supported the bill anyway.

GOP leadership surrenders to the wingnuts

Stop for a moment and grasp the real significance of this week’s events: the teabaggers actively want Republicans to lose, if the Republicans don’t meet all of the wingnut litmus tests. They would rather elect a Democrat than a moderate Republican.

Even more amazing: the Republican party leadership has announced that they will NOT defend GOP establishment candidates if the teabaggers launch a primary challenge.


Lieberman backs down


"But sources said Reid’s staff is telling liberal interest groups that Lieberman (Conn.) has assured Reid he will vote with Democrats in the necessary procedural vote to end debate, perhaps with intentions to change the bill."

Fort Sumter in the GOP civil war

The yahoos have fired on Fort Sumter, and the civil war has begun.

Back in the old days it was enough for Republicans to attack centrist Democrats like Clinton, so that no Blue Dog could command the political center and marginalize the GOP. But now the GOP wingnuts are going much further, purging their own ranks like the Khmer Rouge did, and the KGB, and the Jacobins of the French Revolution. In their zeal to win the civil war within the GOP, they even attack perfectly conservative Republicans who make the mistake of incurring their wrath. This political pressure could end up pushing BOTH political parties to the right.

Republicanism, the mental disease

I’ve been looking over all the activities out there in Planet Wingnut, going all the way back to the 2008 Iowa caucus when people began to realize that Obama could actually become president. And the more I look at the data, the more I realize that the anti-Obama wingnuts are not just misguided political zealots. They are mentally ill. Clinically ill. In some cases, violently insane.

GOP abandoning moderates for the 2010 race

The wingnuts hate moderate Republicans almost as much as they hate Obama: they are deliberately attacking the centrists. Scozzafava would have held the seat for the GOP in NY, but Hoffman hated that idea so much that he took her on in a third-party run, risking time, money, reputation, career because the fight was worth fighting.

The GOP has a health plan…or do they?

Months ago the Republicans promised their own health plan, and then didn’t deliver. Now they are finally delivering – but the plan they’re unveiling is actually a plan to obstruct the deliberation process.

Boehner is starting to dribble out a teeny health plan, which he wouldn’t be doing unless there was a serious danger (to the Republicans) that the Democratic plan would pass. This is after Kyl was dangling in front of the Democrats the promise of a compromise on the opt-in plan. So clearly they know Obama wants a bipartisan bill if possible, and they will try to drag things out and confuse people with a dozen dangle-the-football-in-front-of-Charlie-Brown “compromises” that sound good in Fox sound bites but are really bad policy.

Stimulus Fuelled Much of Expansion –- Wall Street Journal

Oh, how it must have pained Rupert Murdoch to see that headline in his paper! The article said “the U.S. economy would have turned in a far worse performance in the third quarter without help from the federal government. “ And they also had to admit that cash for clunkers caused a one-point jump in GDP growth, and another half-point came from home building, caused by the government efforts to push down mortgage rates, slow down foreclosures, and give tax credits to home buyers.

Wingnuts: first take New York, then the nation!

The GOP thinks it can control the extremists, but German conservatives thought the same about controlling Hitler, and the Hoffman race in New York shows that the party cannot, in fact, control the wingnuts. Republican party leaders scrambled to switch their support to Hoffman and claim him for their own – ideology and pragmatism ironically worked together to overcome considerations of partisan loyalty. But that won’t be enough: the wingnuts are not just outpacing the moderates – they are deliberately targeting the “apostates” for extinction. Conservatives insist they’re trying to take back control of the GOP – as though the party wasn’t too far to the right already. So more RINO’s have bulls-eyes on their backs.

Supporters of the Hoffman’s moderate Republican rival support Obama 64-31, which suggests that Hoffman could lose. If Hoffman wins, he says he will caucus with the GOP, but simply having him enter Congress after slaughtering the chosen GOP nominee will cause shivers among the party faithful.

How will the wingnuts react nationally?