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A New Twist on Interviewing Fears

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Let’s take a different look at the fears surrounding an interview. When I wrote about overcoming the fear of conducting an interview in last week’s blog, I focused on citizen journalists’ concerns. Today, I want to look at interviewing fears from the other side – from the perspective of the person who is being interviewed. I’m not talking about high-profile individuals or politicians who are used to being questioned. I’m talking about average people who often avoid the spotlight. But they might be the subject of an interview because they are on the scene of an accident, are the victim of a crime, are participating in an event or have the expertise needed for a certain story.

Overcome the Fear of Conducting an Interview

One of the most powerful ways for citizen journalists to get information for a story is through personal interviews with people who have the information they need.

But many acting and aspiring citizen journalists talk about the apprehension they have about conducting interviews. They wonder how they will muster up the courage to approach strangers or high profile individuals and begin asking questions.

So how do you overcome that fear?

I'll use myself as an example. Because I am basically a very shy person, I learned to deal with this in a couple of ways.

Need for Citizen Journalism Training Reinforced

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National Association of Citizen Journalists’Co-founder Ron Ross and I took our training and concepts about citizen journalism on the road in late April.

We were inspired when we heard from others who understood and applauded the importance and mission of the NACJ, which is to educate, motivate and support citizen journalists.