ACTION: Branding the Elephant

OK, folks -- take a look:

I'm looking for suggestions to add, substitute, remove and replace.

I plan to put an image in the background (or a collage of images), too -- they'll be light, kinda faded -- so any suggestions will be appreciated.

I'd also like folks to read through any comments with suggestions and "vote" for them with a tip and reply so that I can pull the ten most popular. I'll put up a short diary tomorrow asking folks to vote for their favorite out of 10. (Assuming enough folks comment and make suggestions.) The resulting image will be free to distribute to all your friends, bumper stickers or Congresscritters...particularly if they are members of the G0P.

Hat-tip Lordrag for the idea. Also available on DailyKos.

No votes yet


Some people say GoP. others P*** Orff. Guess a person's got to do what they got to do. Britain's King Edward VII used to say one should never miss a chance to go, because you never know when you'll get another one. Others think this monarch showed a better understanding of "fat tails" and Gaussian distributions than many people of power and influence today. Go Giants, Go Jets. It all reminded me of this story about Gargantua and the Bells of Notre Dame. Look for Chapter 17 on page 42 How Gargantua paid his welcome to the Parisians and how he took the great bells of Notre Dame church. It may not come up right away. I know, it might also be called offensive, but what it is, in actual fact, at least in my view, is great literature, a passage frozen for all time, ouch.