A Question for Geologists (and other scientists) Regarding the Deepwater Horizon Gusher, Well Pressure and EarthQuakes

Question for folks, particularly science-types:

The pressure from the Deepwater Horizon well, which forced the blowout, and the steady stream of escaping oil...is that pressure solely from the weight of the many atmospheres of water above it? ...or could some of it be from internal pressures?

Regardless, does anyone know whether releasing all that pressure will lead to settling of the surrounding crust/mantle, leading to possible shifts in pressure in plates and affecting/effecting earthquakes?

Note the following Google Search for potentially relevant articles on pressure related to quakes -- I didn't pull any in particular for direct reference because I don't know that any actually directly apply, but several seem to touch on the concept:


I'd be interested in the feedback from any geologists, of course, but everyone's welcome to chime in.

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This seems to provide a decent enough short answer:

Basically, pressure and shifting on a scale capable of minor surface tremblors in the immediate area are possible, but not anything big or "deep" and far-reaching.

prepared to answer any of those questions given my background knowledge in those areas of expertise. I would not have even thought about asking those questions. lol

There have been a number of discussions about pressure and structural integrity, etc over at Oil Drum - which is a must read these days. 

There is a fear that the well and/or the cap on the oil reservoir might collapse as there was some evidence of tilt possibly the result of erosion around the well. Erosion would explain the increase of oil flow. Etc.

Best to just read the threads at the Oil Drum. And if you click on a commenters name, it will tell you what kind of background they have (engineer, etc)