Caption This! A New Perspective On the GOP

Caption This!

Caption This -- A New Perspective of and Approach to the GOP
The original image came in via email; Obama image added by Roxy.

OK, folks -- here it is: a photo that seems to speak to our current political situation, and it's your job to find just the right caption for it.  Are you up to the task?

Give it a whirl...


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"My fellow Americans, after 8 years of Republican leadership..."

"If we truly wish to have a bipartisan consensus, first we've got to get the stick out of the elephant's ass." (addendum: "...and as you can easily see, it's wedged pretty far up there.")

"Hey, that's not a hemmorhoid! It's RUSH LIMBAUGH!"

(Actually, the first two could go together...erm, actually, all three -- the first two sentences spoken by Obama, the last one by the guy up to his torso in elphantine anal canal...)

"Please excuse me while I hold a meeting with the rest of the Democratic leadership in my orif..., err, office."

 I invited the Senator over to watch the SuperBowl last Sunday...

But the White House staff wanted to protect the carpet.

So in a effort at 'BIPARTISANSHIP...'