Chickens Come Home to Roost: Bradley J. Schlozman

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Over the past couple of years ePluribus Media researchers and writers have published many stories about the DOJ, including several biographical pieces on the main villans. Watchers of the DOJ drama have been anticipating a report on the hiring practices of the Bush/Gonzales Justice Department. The long-awaited report has finally been released.

As you will remember, Mr. Schlozman was the "appointment" to replace Todd Graves as US Attiorney in W. Missouri. This appointment was the ultimate "reward" for his shenanigans that played a major role in politicization of the Department of Justice.  While at the DOJ, he actively promoted the Republican's unusual brand of "voter rights" for which he received promotions to positions of greater authority.


The reports

Report slams politicized hiring process at Do

The report stems from 2007 congressional investigations into allegations about the politicization of the Justice Department during the Bush administration. The probes led to the resignation of former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales after bruising testimony before the House and Senate Judiciary Committees, as well as the departure of more than a dozen senior officials.

The WaPo weighs in on the story:

Over three years in which he controlled employment decisions, Schlozman favored young conservatives for entry-level jobs, transferred those he called "right-thinking Americans" into top assignments and instructed colleagues that "adherents of Mao's little red book need not apply," according to e-mails cited in the report. Authorities analyzed 112 career hires during Schlozman's tenure and determined that "virtually all" of the lawyers whose political affiliations were known at the time had ties to Republicans or conservative legal groups.

The full report [70 page PDF] can be found on the Department of Justice website.  For the complete picture and your additional reading pleasure, here is the link to the report issued on June 24, 2008. [110 page PDF]

Further Reading ... 

Seems that Bradley Schlozman, the interim U.A. attorney in charge of the Kansas City, Missouri office, a one-year that overlapped the 2006 elections, ...
A native of Overland Park, Kansas, Mr. Schlozman served a two-year federal judicial clerkship with Chief U.S. District Judge G. Thomas VanBebber of the ...
Oct 10, 2007 ... 1 Schlozman, who served briefly as Acting Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights and then was appointed Acting United States Attorney ...
... John Wood in Western Missouri, nominated January 17th, 2007,taking over from the interimSchlozman to fill the vacancy created by Todd Graves ...
Bradley Schlozman: Subject of Grand Jury Referral. And then there's . ... Seems that BradleySchlozman, the interim U.A. attorney in charge of the Kansas ...
Former Interim Western Missouri USA Bradley Schlozman: From June 28, The Schloz doesn't even trust Republicans who voted for freakin' McCain. Good lord. ...
Missouri: While Bradley Schlozman may have been the impetus behind the Voting Section's failed Missouri lawsuit, an attempt to combat nearly nonexistent ...
For example, Western Missouri's Bradley J. Schlozman, an early Patriot II " interim" assigned straight from the DOJ to Kansas City, investigated and indicted ...

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Remember the piece called Of Lawyers, Guns and Money: GOP DOJ Guts Justice for All? It was originally posted on the old Scoop site on Tue Mar 13, 2007 at 07:06:45 AM EST, and reposted here on 2008-06-24 22:18:14 -0500.

Here's a thumbnail sketch of the twisted interplay of the GOP, the White House and the Department of Justice along the lines of lawyers, guns and money.


One of the most damning investigations of the Bush/Gonzales "Justice" Department began when a spate of firings came to light. An additional revelation of how up to fourteen acting or interim attorneys who were never officially nominated by the President could now -- thanks to the March 2006 reauthorization of the Patriot Act -- serve indefinitely added fuel to the ire of Congressional investigators, bloggers and the traditional media. What we know so far isn't pretty:

  1. Firings were politically -- and possibly criminally (as in "obstruction" and "interfering") -- motivated.
  2. Fired Attorneys generally didn't toe the line; caught too many Republicans, or didn't dwell on WH-preferred cases
  3. Freed up positions were slotted for fill-up directly, bypassing the Congressional approval process
  4. Replacements were political, to shore up their resumes and groom them for judgeships or other special purposes
  5. List approval -- and perhaps even compilation -- was made from the top -- the Bush White House, and their associated minions.

The careful, deliberate replacements and inadequately explained justifications highlight the severe damage to the appointment process, politicizing it in a manner never before possible.

The "Attorney Massacre" isn't the only example of corruption within the Gonzales Department of Justice; it's simply one of the most overt. Some of the premier changes have been far more subtle, and dangerously more insidious. Two articles in the past nine months provided our first look inside:

Both articles depicted the disturbing trend, begun under the tenure of John Ashcroft, to select a more distinctly conservative crop of lawyers. Nearly all candidates selected for employment had some of the following characteristics:

  1. Worked on a Clinton scandal (Whitewater, the Kenneth Starr investigation, or the impeachment)
  2. Work in Florida on the election process that resulted in Bush's selection in 2000
  3. Associated with or past work with extreme right-wing religious organizations or membership/participation in ultra-conservative organizations or assignments (membership in the Federalist Society, or clerking assignments with judges like Antonin Scalia and Michael Luttig) (hat-tip Chris White)

One of the most subtle changes made by Ashcroft, however, went unnoticed. Through information obtained from a ten-year veteran of the Department of Justice, we've learned that the list of preferred schools from which new talent should be selected was changed to reflect Ashcroft's vision of making the USDOJ "more like America." The revised list was accompanied by an announcement by Ashcroft that future hires would no longer come from ivy-league universities, but instead from other schools like Bob Jones University. (That was, according to our source, the only school mentioned by name as a viable alternative.) Schools like Georgetown and Harvard would no longer be the first pick.

It's a change that wouldn't garner much notice, but could have a major impact over time.

Emphasis mine.

That was something our source was able to tell us, as well as confirming other aspects of the story with regard to purposely gutting DOJ Civil Rights practices, including within the DOJ itself. One example given was that there was, pre-Ashcroft, an internal page to help gay and lesbian employees deal with problems in the workplace. Post Ashcroft, that went away, quickly, quietly and without a word as to why or any alternative means of recourse or information to replace it.

The decision to shy away from ivy-league schools and to pull from schools like Bob Jones University, where people were much more likely to be a part of "the Team."

It was all part of a long-term, foundation-shaking and deliberate effort to thwart the workings of government by tainting and infesting the inner workings with skewed political policies, policy wonks and moles.

It could take years to clean it up and repair the damage.

I checked around. He's in Kansas....figures. Area of practice for his firm is in "employee benefits".

Holder has a lot on his plate according to this's an excerpt pertaining to Schlozman...hope Holder find the answers.

<i>Holder promised senators he would review why career prosecutors in Washington decided not to prosecute the former head of the department's Civil Rights Division. An inspector general's report last month found that Bradley Schlozman, the former head of the division, misled lawmakers about whether he politicized hiring decisions. </i>