Don't Let Ego Override The Cause

[a recent posting on my personal diary blog]

 I've worked with some folks with massive egos in broadcasting, but some in the world of blogging take the cake.

One in particular on a very popular LGBT blog makes it a point "to let everyone know what I did" ad nauseum.

Even to the point of myself leaving a congratulatory comment to all who got involved with a particular recent cause, this individual replied back to let me know "how hard I worked on this".

Well you really didn't need to tell me, I could see for myself.

Talk about the need to self-stroke due to low self-esteem or ego.

If the truth be told it makes the person look like a jack ass always having to point out I.

And of late, this blog seems to have been all but taken over by this one "team" member.

The old saying is "there is no I in the word team".

That's true, but there is the word me in it.

And brother, that's the truth in this case !

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When I see Bloggers point back to their post as some kind of turning point in a debate. There are few that have done much with a post. Even the times that a Blogger comes up with a truly original idea or angle on a story (same applies to the traditional media) it is the thousands of people that follow afterwards with real actions on that information that bring about the change.

Look at the healthcare debate as an example. Bloggers everywhere are sharing information single payer. Some of them have come up with really good ideas but those ideas would be useless without the hundreds of people (literally) working to spread that information and the thousands of people that are acting on that info.

As a whole, the Blogosphere can claim some victory in that we are going to see Congrees peek at single payer (announced yesterday). There is no one single Blogger that can claim to have made this happen and, I suspect, that the same can be said for whatever particular LGBT issue you are writing about.

The thing is here, and much like the top of the heap in media, there are a lot of people that do Blog for the ego stroke and, in many of those cases, it is that drive for recognition that has also driven them to write some truly original and top notch quality material on a regular basis. But even if they produce quality material on a regular basis? You probably can go out and find a hundred bloggers that have already written the same idea before them.

I just take it all with a grain of salt.