Burger King's New Blow Job Ad - Open Thread

Burger King, Carl's Jr. Remind Us: Burgers = Sex, Duh

Two sexy burger ad revelations today. First, the burger-as-blow-job Burger King ad burst onto the scene, second, The Hills' Audrina Partridge becomes the latest scantily clad lady to make love to, I mean, to lustily eat a Carl's Jr. burger. In the ad, that started airing today, Partridge pretends to eat a ginormous pineapple burger while lying on a beach in a bikini, alternately resting the burger on her toned tummy. The tagline: "More than just a piece of meat." The ad sends exactly the opposite message of course. Partridge, just like Paris Hilton and Padma Lakshmi before her, has every right to chow down on this burger, but to suggest they all do so on the regular is just silly. To make women envious, and men horny, well, that’s advertising for you...........

Visit the link, at the bottom of the poster it says: "BK Super Seven Incher"! and the rest has me still laughing, we are rather quickly evolving into what ever comes next, and it ain't anything advanced!!!

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It's a culture that accepts ads like this that gives organized religion a good name. Why have progressives never been able to reconcile their commitment to free speech with some respect for women? I would say this advertising of burger as blow job goes beyond crass and tasteless. It is the moral equivalent to choosing African American actors to pitch watermelons. Hello women! Where are you? Hello men! Is this truly the only thing on your minds?

Unfortunately, Burger King does not "accept" email so you have to call them.  305-378-3000 and talk to the CEO John Chidsey, or mail them at Burger King Holdings, Inc., 5505 Blue Lagoon Dr., Miami FL 33126.  Personally, I vote for calling them. Maybe we can ask the CEO how long his is?


It all depends upon what It is, as we used to say.