Haven't we seen this Movie before?

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I have promoted and bumped this post because I think it is really important in light of last night's Democratic debate. For more of my thoughts see my comment below.

I feel I've seen this movie before ...

The players are different, but the set is the same.

The puppeteers and myth-makers are out in force, pulling those strings and spinning those myths.

And the American people casually pick a Team to root for, and cheer, as loud as they can.

Meanwhile the Game refs, are smiling and placing their bets at half-time. Because they know the fix is in ...

It's like Ground-hog's Day, the movie, except it only happens every 4 years -- we are greeted with the same shallow story-lines:

2000:   Al Gore:   too many earth-tones, not an alpha male, Mr. Internet Egghead.

2004:   Howard Dean:   Latte Drinking, Subaru-driving, NE liberal, Scream-iac.

2004:   John Kerry:   Senator Flip Flop, too Cerebral, Draft-dodging Traitor.

2008:   Hillary Clinton:   The Historic Candidate, has competence, but too many Negatives.

2008:   Barack Obama:   The Historic Candidate, has optimism and charisma, but too much personal ambition.

2008:   John Edwards:   No chance, populist, who will take away your Tax Cuts, and make the economy tank. Oh, and he's a Hypocrite too.

When will the people EVER Wake up?

What is the COMmon Denominator everytime?

The Media is playing us for fools and we buy it hook line and sinker, every-time.

The details will vary, but the outcome is always the same. It's already mapped out in the minds of those Media Exec's, who take their lead from the likes of Rove, Luntz, Gingrich (and their Oil-buddy enabling cohorts).

Unlike most Reality TV, though, these Political story-lines have VERY REAL Consequences in everyday life.

It's a nightmare, that the Country's Founders would no doubt, shudder at. But I doubt they'd roll over and just go back to sleep, as so many do today.

Now I have my favorite team too. And as long as he continues running, I will continue to support him.

That is my right. (Just as it is your right to support your Candidate.)

But Unless and Until something is done to address the root causes of the problem -- just expect this Reality TV Nightmare to continue:

Media Consolidation,
Insane Corporate Profits,
Decimated working class,
Lack of Leadership in Washington,
The influence of Money in Politics.

This is the "bill of goods" we've been sold time and time again.

Maybe if the people Woke up -- and insisted on:

Truth in Reporting,
Equal time in Coverage,
Issue-based Politics,

Campaign Finance Reform.

Maybe then finally we could end this soap opera called American Campaigning and finally get to hard work fixing this Country, and then maybe the World?

And IF not, if we don't have the guts to stand up to those "powers that be", could you hand me that Channel switcher --
cuz I got some more surfing to do.

I hear there's a new Game Show that might take my mind off my troubles:

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yes it does. I am trying to search my memory for past campaigns..too busy raising a kid and working to pay much attention, but I always voted. Now having time on my hands I am paying attention....and I will vote. I've known for a while whom I prefer but if someone would convince me otherwise..?

On Sundays I do watch"This Week with George Stephanopoulos" since I believe there is a sincerity there...or at least I can read his(George's) body language and voice inflections. I also really like the panel discussions....which have a way of cutting to the chase most times. I'm not good at reading between the lines but I can at least keep up.

Engineering change is never easy but we must all be learners and not the learned! NO FEAR!

the last article you posted on the "history" behind the demise of our media shows that it has been a long road to where we are today. I only hope it doesn't take that long to find the road back to where the press served a purpose beyond "entertainment". Most Americans don't have [or want to take] the time to really understand how our government works. I was in the same position as avahome ... I raised a family and while doing that did take time to vote, but didn't have time to really get involved in the political process. Now, I have more time and what I am finding "behind the curtain" is very frightening.

We are fortunate to live in a time of unrestricted internet access, as this allows "Citizen Journalists" to bring a different complexion to "news" and a way to get the truth out to those are seeking it.

Keep up the good work on watchdogging ... I learn a lot from your posts.

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If it's true that our species is alone in the universe, then I'd have to say that the universe aimed rather low and settled for very little. ~ George Carlin

I have watched all of the TV debates between Democratic candidates and I think for several reasons this was the most important--at least for me it was.

It began on the "theme of the week"--the slanging match between the Obama and Clinton campaigns. Like Standingup, I had read Obama's original remarks on the subject of Reagan and I thought they were off the mark, to put it politely. On the other hand I have certainly been critical of Bill Clinton's "defense" of Hillary, which to me looks like his way of making his record and his presence the central focus of her campaign.

So there it was no horse in that race.

But at some point toward the end of the first hour, Hillary Clinton seemed to go off-script, or at least her entire tone changed. She shaped the rest of the debate as a discussion about the important programmatic agreement between the three candidates and discussed the areas of disagreement within that context. THIS WAS NOT LIKE HER STATEMENTS IN EARLIER DEBATES that presumed she would not bother to debate her merits or the merits of her programattic proposals vis a vis those of Obama and Edwards because she was the spokesperson for the Democratic Party.

I was also struck by her statement that it was crucial right now for the Senate and House to oppose George Bush's back-door attempt to sign a long-term treaty arrangement with the Iraqi government (once THEIR parliament approved it) for a permanent US military presence in Iraq.

As she said this is to override his constitutional obligation to bring this before the US Congress. Such a treaty if the Congress accepts it as binding would lock the next president into the Iraq war and mandate a continued troop presence in that country.

I was also struck by how closely all three candidates have come together on domestic program. I believe a great deal of credit goes to John Edwards for putting the program on the table and thereby setting the agenda for the national debate among the Democratic candidate.

Relevant to this, I read some remarks made by Hillary Clinton earlier in the week that for the American economy to work it must have regulations in place to counter balance the free market. This is directly in line with the program of the Progressive movement, as represented by Theodore Roosevelt and then of course by FDR's New Deal. I believe that this is a crucial step in reversing the unravelling of government that took off under the Reagan presidency and has continued unabated since them. It is also a departure from Bill Clinton's policies when president, whether or not she admits this.

Lastly, in the course of the debate one thing that was established that is worth thinking about is that all three of the candidates have had a personal connection to the civil rights movement. Edwards' marched in Mississippi, Obama organized in Chicago and Clinton developed major intiatives for children's welfare and for support to lawyers who defended indigent clients. Not bad really!

Blitzer asked the candidates to say who they thought Martin Luther King's choice for president would have been were he alive today. It made me think how damn proud he would be that we had an African American like Obama as win-or-lose a front runner in the campaign.

So I feel a lot less concerned about the primary process than I was before. Hey guys, I even think I am becoming more open minded and thoughtful now that I am refusing to play the media horse-race game.


It appears that Unlike Obama, Clinton and Edwards. none of the Republican Candidates showed up at the holiday rally for Martin Luther King, Jr. on the steps of South Carolina's state capitol.


This is an interesting analysis Show Me The Money that appeared in Truth Dig. Worth taking a look at. It analyses how contributions to the campaigns of the three leading Democratic contenders, breaks down when looked at as a percentage of each candidates total contributions. The point being that taken as raw amounts the differences are much greater than when the contributions are treated as percentages of the total for each.


If you don't like the news you're getting, change the "channel". And when you do manage to find the occasional writer/reporter/analyst who meets your stated criteria, promote them to the exclusion of those who don't.