Joe smacked down this Morning (VIDEO).

Wow. Max Blumenthal sticks it to him. I'm not sure if I have ever seen anyone rattle Joe this badly. Joe attacks him immediately when he comes out. Nobody else says a word through the whole thing.

"Well, we had small government conservatives in power for 8 years and... you guys failed, and we had an economic collapse as a result of your policies."

I don't know if I have ever seen Joe turned into such blathering mush in this way. So he brings the guy out, attacks him one on one, loses, and ends the segment. What a class act.

Smacked down hard on his own show. I hope Grayson lit a fire and we see a lot more of this. When it's put straight to conservatives in this way, they have no response.

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It's nice to see this, and an interesting extension of Grayson's setting the example, I think you are correct.

Here's another holding of the feet to the fire:

"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our government in a trial of strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country." - Thomas Jefferson

Just so the opening paragraph and video would look better.