Funny What News of CBO Scoring Single Payer Can Do

Yesterday we had a rush of healthcare news coming out. The funny thing is how as soon as excitement broke out across the Blogosphere on the news confirmed by Rep. Weiner's "Nice Person" that the CBO was in the process of scoring Single Payer so they would have numbers to look at before there was a vote on it on the House floor two things jumped out in the news to follow:

1. Republican Michael Steele suddenly admitted that the public option is popular.

2. Pelosi started a hard push on, you guessed it, the public option.

Pelosi Prepares to Move Ahead from Brian Beutler in TPM.

A preliminary analysis from CBO may have sealed the deal. Speaker
Nancy Pelosi is preparing to move ahead with a "robust" public
option--one that reimburses hospitals and providers at Medicare rates,
plus five percent--in the House's health care bill.

Coincidence? I don't think so. I don't care what is pushing them in this direction, I just care that the table is tilting even more towards getting things done. The more it tilts the more likely we will get a really good solution. But I can't wait for the news that will likely come out in a rush if the CBO scores Single Payer well:

"!!11!1!eleventyone!111! Breaking news! The Senate has agreed on a public option!"

Free ponies for everyone too!

If you are interested in more information on Single Payer and a tough look at some of weaker aspects of proposed public option plans? You'll find the following links are the bomb! Feel free to copy and paste them everywhere.

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There will be a public option. Congress has no choice. They've given away too much to Wall Street that they don't have a choice.

I'm just hoping it will kick in before 2013.

the people that really need help in the interim.