You MORONS! You put a BUSH Republican back and he's a teabagger, too!

Scott Brown, R-Teabagger, Bush Republican and guaranteed wrench in the works of trying to clean up the mess made by the previous Republican control of government, defeated Martha Coakley in the race for the MA Senate seat formerly occupied by the late Senator Edward Kennedy.

There's no excuse for this -- for putting a man into the Senate who has already vowed to bring back the policies of failure that undermined our nation and marked the legacy of the GOP's gut-and-run method of governing. There's no excuse for giving the party of Failure, the party of No, the party of self-centered and self-serving arrogance back one step closer to power, and for undermining the one chance we've had to make major inroads into cleaning up the disastrous impact of their 8 year long rule of negligence, corruption, cronyism and greed.

For everyone who cast a vote for Brown -- if you're not already a Teabagger, and if you bought into the GOP's running narration of blaming the new President and Democratic majority for their failures and abuse -- then you're a frickin' moron who would deserve the disaster you've voted to prolong, except that it impacts EVERYONE ELSE on the PLANET...people who don't deserve any further extension of this Republican party's malignant legacy.

You bloody ridiculous, foolish morons.

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of the GOP legacy and Bush Administration unfold over the past decade, it's impossible to imagine anyone being stupid enough to give the current Republican leadership any more opportunity to prolong and strengthen their efforts to thwart any attempts to clean up the mess they've made of our nation.

The first order of business should be, at this time, to get rid of all Republican cronies who have ties back to the current regime; the GOP needs to get torched (figuratively) and reinvent itself with new blood, ideally far less corrupt and self-interested and far more interested in living up to their propaganda of "family values" and "nation defense" -- this current crop, made ever more malignant and gangrenous over the past 10 years, must be forced from the levers of power and purged from any positions of influence or leadership if our nation is ever to recover.

Putting Brown into office is unconscionable and unforgivable.

You morons. You've just prolonged untold damage to the nation, and you think just because you took off your socks and shoes that it was ok to shoot yourselves in the foot.


"Those crazy Americans....what'll they think of next?"

The brutal strength of GH's roar and the funniness of the truth that we are inscrutable.

The way that colors line up in maps is pretty interesting sometimes.  Screen cap of results reported at

Brown v Coakley in Red v. Blue

"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our government in a trial of strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country." - Thomas Jefferson

What happened to Nantucket?

The buyers said they'd return it at the end of the week.

...of course, that's based on running a decryption algorithm on my morning breakfast cereal, so the actual text of the message may be suspect -- the overall translation would never be allowed in open court.


We can get a progressive like Elizabeth Warren elected next time because a progressive candidate would be able to beat out a Repug in Mass if you give the public one to vote for.

So short term pain for long term gain.

That is, of course, if the Dems can finally stop being so damned stubborn about not giving in to the demands their base.

f the Dems can finally stop being so damned stubborn about not giving in to the demands their base

There's a lot of political gamesmanship behind the scenes; if this is to be believed, then the MA Democratic Party has some serious issues that it needs to be whacked upside the head for.