Shooting at the Pentagon

Fox has the most details up so far so I am actually going to quote them:

Two Pentagon police
officers were shot at the Metro station entrance to the military
complex, Pentagon spokesman Chris Layman said

The alleged gunman was also shot and in custody, he said

The trio were taken to George Washington University Hospital's emergency room, officials said.

According to reports the gunman was the most seriously injured of the three. More updates will follow as this story develops. [update] Via AFP:

Metro authorities
said Pentagon officials also were investigating "suspicious packages"
outside the station, but the Pentagon spokeswoman was unaware of that.

Looking around at anything lying around is probably SOP. Some raw video and an all clear after nothing turns up from the search below the fold and the shooter is an American Citizen and we have a name.

Some raw video footage taken outside the Pentagon from We Love DC:

Update from the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority:

The Pentagon Metrorail station and Pentagon Transit Center were closed
for about an hour and a half this evening while Pentagon officials
investigated a shooting outside the station, as well as unattended
packages also outside the station. Both reopened at about 8 p.m.
tonight, Thursday, March 4, shortly after the packages were determined
not to be of any danger.

From ABC News:

"He was pretty calm," Pentagon Police Chief Richard S. Keevill told
reporters of the suspect's demeanor. "There was no distress. ... He
reached into his pocket. They assumed he was going to get his [Pentagon
access] pass out and he just started shooting."


The suspect's injuries were "pretty critical," Keevill said. He would only identify the suspect as an American citizen.

The suspect has been named:

The suspect was identified as John Patrick Bedell, sources told ABC
News and The Associated Press, which added that he was 36 years old.
Keevill would only say he was "an American citizen, as far as I know."

Final update. Speculation that he may have been a 9-11 truther was circulating and HuffPo says they think they may have found something confirming the possibility that this was true, and the suspect has died:

Friday, 1:25 AM ET -- Official: Shooting suspect may have had 9/11 conspiracy
Associated Press - There are emerging signs that the suspect in a
Pentagon subway station shooting may have harbored resentment for the
military and had doubts about the facts behind the Sept. 11 terrorist

The suspect, John Patrick Bedell, died after exchanging gunfire with two police officers.

In an Internet posting, a user named JPatrickBedell wrote he was
determined to see justice for the 1991 death of a Marine in California.
The death was ruled a suicide but has long been the source of coverup
theories. The writer said the case would be a step toward revealing the
truth behind 9/11.

The user also railed against enforcement of marijuana laws.

The screen name can be linked to the suspect in Thursday's attack
through documents about a marijuana arrest that were posted on the
site, which match the date of birth of the shooter and official court
records available online.

Friday, 12:34 AM ET -- Suspect dies. J. Patrick Bedell has died, according to KFI News. The Pentagon shooting suspect suffered injuries described as "critical" by the chief of Pentagon Police.

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just to make sure and found he was safe.

Was a worthwhile call, anyhow, but as a licensed-lefty, he says taking the Metro between Virginia and DC is a trip across the whole spectrum of gun control measures.