Michael Steele's Big Night Out

And you, dear Republican donors, get stuck with the bill!

"GOP Chairman Michael Steele spends $1,946.25 of RNC money at sex-themed Hollywood nightclub"

Not just any sex club but a bondage club that specializes in lesbian sex shows... That is where your hard earned dollars go to when you donate to Republicans. That or paying for limousines and gambling:

The news got worse, according to an adviser to Mr. Shays: The man Mr. Shays entrusted to run his political operation for nearly a decade had been quietly draining the account and had spent nearly $200,000 on Red Sox tickets, limousine travel, mysterious withdrawals at the Foxwoods casino and a donation of more than $1,000 to his synagogue.

I wonder if shoulda been a "3 strikes in jail" Connecticut GOP hustler Chris Healy ever used donations to cover legal costs for his multiple DUI's?

Rest assured that when you donate to the GOP that your money is in good hands. At least until the next big party!


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a well-populated list of the Republican sexcapades of the last decade or two and, where it was observed that there seemed to be the tendency for same sex attractions to star prominently in the plot line.

Michael Steele carries the GOP banner and call-to-action with a great deal of fidelity to its tradition, I'd say!

(yes, the billmon - couldn't resist having fun with this story, I guess?) pointing to a conservative Christian named Eric Brown. I mentioned it to Tengrain telling him we need to find pictures of Brown to add to the images (everyone has been photoshopping the heck out of this one) and he pointed to a story at Wonkette questioning Brown as being anything more than a fall guy

Later yesterday, a bit of info came out that I would say had Chris Healy's fingerprints all over it IF this had been a Connecticut GOP's expense account story:

That's right ... someone whose full name is apparently "CONGRESSIONAL LIQUORS," was using the RNC credit card to buy booze. Or as they're known in RNC circles, office supplies. Supplies probably needed to take notes while observing lesbian sex acts while at a bondage club.


"Thanks for the donations!"
-- GOP's RNC Frat House


Via TPM:

One California blog, Red County, reports that Brown isn't the staffer. Instead, they say, Brown paid the bill (and submitted it to the RNC as an expense) after a staffer's credit card was declined, according to anonymous sources.

The blog also reports that the excursion took place after a recruiting event for the RNC Young Eagles at the Beverly Hills hotel.