Is BP even working to plug the correct part of the leak? Video - experts ask each other 'why not?'

This video clip of a Dan Ratigan segment is worth understanding better than I do, at the moment.

But I'm reposting it because the two experts in this segment are discussing the details as industry insiders and seem to be telling us that, 'well yes, BP's running an attempted top kill plug into a portion of the leaking structure where they've focussed our attention on live video feed since they've been forced to let us watch. However, that section-leak is effectively the size of a mouse, when the elephant is a mile or more distant from the video feed.'


I'll be rewatching this clip more than once as I try to reconcile the implications with other sources of information, but please help me out by watching, interpreting, and posting what you understand.


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but these are two industry experts who have been getting their understanding of things from the sources of information that much of the world presumably has been updated.

I'm doing my own dive into this information so maybe I'll find out more that is newer data which says "Ok, the experts have learned more since then, plugging the video feed target is the right thing to do.  Carry on." 

I'm not seeing that information yet.

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