From A "Contract On" To A "Plague Upon"

First they took out a Contract on America. Then they weakened it, undermining democracy and freedom, crippling national security and taking away liberties, then they crippled the economy, the environment and our educational system.

Now, they're trying to call down a Plague upon America.

Why do Republicans hate the United States? And why do we allow them to foment treason, domestic unrest and promote the violent overthrow of our government?

Haven't these enemies of the state stood in the way of progress long enough? Have we not seen their strident efforts to prevent our elected representatives -- the ones elected by a sweeping, decisive majority of our citizens -- in each and every attempt that has been made to clean up the mess made by the previous decade of Republican corruption, greed and incompetence?

Isn't it time we stood our ground, stood firm in our conviction, our dedication and our resolve to make our nation stronger? Isn't it time we said 'No!' to the continued politics of hate, and 'Hell, NO!' to the continued obstruction of seditious Republicans?

Isn't it time to throw the bums out, and get back to the business of repairing the damage they've done?

It's not up to any one party to make this choice.

It's up to us. Each of us. Individuals, working together in common cause. One nation, united.

Because divided we fall. We fall victim to their slick phrases and honey-slicked promises. We fall victim to the sweet-coated poison they inject into our national economy and infrastructure. We fall victim to their efforts to pit us against each other, instead of working together as one nation, indivisible, for liberty and justice for all.

The Republican Party is no longer the "Party of Lincoln." Lincoln would not recognize, nor condone, the actions of its leadership or punditry.

The Republican brand has become toxic, terrible and viciously tenacious in its sole, desperate attempt to grasp the reins of power once more. They've fostered and nurtured, through their continued efforts to divide and conquer, a false front called a 'tea party' that is funded by two Libertarian billionairs and set this false 'grassroots' party in opposition of progress, of recovery and of growth.

They've railed upon an electorate still stunned by the damage of nearly a decade wherein Republicans held total control of the three branches of government and done their utmost to stir up conflict, confusion and violence tendencies to a fever pitch.

They redefine the meaning of terms like "small business" and then use their definitions to mislead the nation about their intention to protect "small business" -- billion dollar "small businesses", primarily.

And they'e promised to shut down the government completely unless the steps toward recovery that have been made are reversed.

What kind of a national party does that, and still makes the hypocritical claim that they are a party "of moral values" and a party "of the people"?

Today's Republican Party makes such claims.

Take a stand against hypocrisy. Take a stand against evil, and for the rebirth, recovery and rejuvenation of our nation.

Stand up, get out and vote this November.

And throw the bums out into the night.

Stand fast, stand tall and support the United States of America, her Constitution, her people and her flag.

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They're supporters and fomenters of domestic terrorism, civil unrest and corruption. They're are actively engaged in acts of treason and sedition -- they are enemies of the state.

Throw the bums out of office, then investigate their activities. Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

Problem solved.


Assuming we can pull the country back from the maw of the corporatist-judicial precedent that has swallowed us, the same thing will happen again if we all remain narcotized and somnambulent consumption-addicts.

If all we care about is 'American Idol' ....?  If we can do no more than be satisfied with the anaesthesia administered by alternated high-frequency cycling of stroboscopic hypno-television and walmart, we'll be exactly back in the doggy-style position we've occupied for so long.

How to rehabilitate a citizen from the wreckage of a consumerized lobotomy, is it possible?

"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our government in a trial of strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country." - Thomas Jefferson


Now we just need a viable answer.


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Hat-tipping Dupa Parrot of DelphiForums for the great phrasing of Plague Upon, and for inspiring the above rant.