UPDATED: Cliff Arnebeck on Ohio Racketeering Complaint Against Karl Rove and the Chamber of Commerce

Current Update: Ohio Chamber reneges on commitment to produce names of contributors

At today's hearing at the Ohio Elections Commission, Bradley Smith, former chairman of the Federal Elections Commission, serving as counsel to Partnership for Ohio's Future, stated that all anyone had to do was ask for their list of contributors--and Cliff did not ask.  TV 10 and a film maker videoed the hearing, and a court reporter recorded it as well.
After the hearing I asked and was assured by Linda Woggon in the presence of Brad Smith that the she would send the information to me.  I served subpoenas for the information when I did not receive anything.  Brad then called me and said that they would have the material by 2:00 pm, or 3:00 at the latest.  At 3:30 a delivery person arrived at my office with a motion to quash our subpoenas.
The Chamber has returned to a policy of secrecy after four election cycles in which it published the names of its contributors to influence candidate elections.
Cliff Arnebeck


Previous Update.

16:09 - Attorney Arnebeck sent this note about an hour ago as the update to last week's filing of racketeering claims against Karl Rove and the Ohio Chamber of Commerce's affiliate, Partnership for Ohio's Future.

After the Ohio Elections Commission failed to find probable cause on my complaint against Partnership for Ohio's Future, I issued subpoenas under the auspices of the federal courtshere and in Washington, DC for production of all contributors to the Ohio and U.S. Chambersof Commerce for ads in Ohio races this year. 

I proceeded through the federal court with the agreement and authorization of Ohio Secretaryof State Jennifer Brunner

I was just informed by Brad Smith, as counsel for the Ohio Chamber, that they would comply by not later than 3 p.m. this afternoon.

I have discussed the U.S. Chamber subpoenas with Matt Kairis who has represented them in the past and provided him with courtesy copies.  I will advise you as soon as know whether they willbe filing a motion to quash or will comply.  The deadline in the US Chamber subpoena is 4:00 p.m.

I hope you can hold the presses to assure that this important information reaches the voters ofOhio before they go to the polls tomorrow!

Cliff Arnebeck

This story has more than passing significance around ePluribus Media since a number of our members are citizens of Ohio.  But, an even greater number have investigated election irregularities and theft in the swing state where President Bush 'took' his second term in office.

More later.

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