Jumping Florida Election Night Results Servers ...

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It's become something of a tradition around here, at ePluribusMedia, to find outsourced election services on election night. 

I'll tell you that I'd be angry if I found that the machines reporting the counting of my votes jumped from one computer to another with no explanation.  That's just me, I know how much of a black box is any sort of computer.

And that's exactly what we found in Florida, again, this year.

I think that Department of State people in swing states like Florida and Ohio should not be allowed to beg the question of where citizens' votes are being counted and by what partisan company. 

Florida's election results maybe perfectly kosher on this mid-term election night of November 2, 2010. 

But, unfortunately I don't have the time to do what I normally do on finding such results, which is to backtrack the IP addresses and services being operated on the relevant computers and the companies and lobbyists involved. 

So I'm just going to post these server tracking results and point interested folks to reports of where we've found election results servers jumping to other IP addresses before election night, in the past, (hint: they were not official government computers).

I hope other citizens will take charge.

What I've posted below are overlapping histories of which IP addresses have hosted Florida's Official Election Night Results reporting computers for the last five years, or so. 

You will see the host name, enight.dos.state.fl.us, and the IP address to which the hostname was assigned on a particular date.  That relationship can, by design, easily be reassigned using the name-IP database system that routes Internet traffic flow on very short notice so that traffic around the Internet is redirected, appropriately, to the correct new IP address.  

In the rightmost column of each table are listed the names of the organizations to which the IP addresses are assigned.  So, the host name enight.dos.state.fl.us has been assigned to the IP address of computers probably managed by four different organizations over the last five years, only one of which was the State of Florida.

The tables of results screencaptured in the images below were obtained by entering the host name into the service query provided by Netcraft.  Clicking this link will reproduce the first table, below, until the time occurs at which the hostnames is reassigned back to a state of Florida computer system: http://uptime.netcraft.com/up/graph?site=enight.dos.state.fl.us.

It can be a legitimate service shift occurring, where, for example, private companies can provide resources for greater traffic flow or bandwidth around election time.  But as a citizen, I darn well would like to know who is involved.

On the November 2004 night that Ohio's vote ran through Tennessee, it was cared for by the people entrusted to run GeorgeWBush.com. 

John Kerry should never have conceded, but he hadn't a clue of what happened that night.  We did not discover the IP-shift of the election night servers until a year later, enough in advance to track the 2006 election in real time.

Current IP tracking history for Florida's election night results server

November 2006 - August 2008 IP tracking history for Florida's election night results server

December 2005 - February 2007 IP tracking history for Florida's election night results server

If I was a citizen of the State of Florida (or maybe outgoing Congressman Alan Grayson) I'd probably want some clear answers on whether there is someone that I can trust overseeing the counting and reporting of Florida Election Night Results, tonight.


Take a look at our report for 2008 in the State of Florida (Florida Election Results - Hidden Outsourcing Can Take Votes for a Trip) or the reports describing that we found Ohio's 2004 and 2006 election night results (Ken Blackwell Outsources Ohio Election Results to GOP Internet Operatives, Again and Ohio's election night results website still sent real-time results to GOP mirror server) shipping through the official service provider for the Republican National Committee, in Chattanooga TN.

Just saying, you know!

- luaptifer.

PS: Welcome to your first Tea Party Election!

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Earl Grey. :)

Is it just me? No one seems to like data or information anymore. It's like everyone got off the train.

in real life work data and just don't have any bandwidth to spare. Wish I did, but I don't. frown

A Google rut-roh ...

I think that I am a data geek and that it's partly because I used to think that truth is inherently valuable and, in important matters, didn't or shouldn't need to be marketed.

I've learned how stupid that is, and that truth is often dangerous enough that its advocates are required more often than not.  People like the Koch brothers have enough money to neutralize any reality with fifteen think tanks worth of propaganda.

Whatever, separately, I think that information suffers from the fact, anymore, that the money that owns most of our world fights our ability to understand reality so avidly that our American population is now inured to truth mattering.  

The thought that even getting the truth about a story like "we were lied into Iraq" out into the public sphere might produce meaningful change, has become almost irrelevant.  Even those we might believe most likely to do something about crimes like that, don't, or make the same matters worse.  

It gets to seeming futile.  We maybe dinosaurs susie.